Recently Discovered code Suggests Character and Stage DLC for Smash Bros

More evidence has risen that Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS will support DLC. This comes from a user digging through the Japanese code of the game that has clear phrases such as “notifications,” “messages to create data for DLC,” “DLC Store,” ect.

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1512d ago
shaw981512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

Until there is an exclusive metal gear game for a Nintendo console I don't want snake any where near smash bros.

aLucidMind1512d ago
Speed run of the original Metal Gear on the original NES. The main character was Big Boss, aka 'Snake' ('Naked Snake' in MGS3). Snake's placement in SSBB was perfectly fine.

Kevlar0091512d ago

Does the MGS1 exclusive remake on GC count?

Bevbrigade1512d ago

Actually Lucid, although I agree he deserves to come back, both because I fought with him a lot and 2nd because he originated with Nintendo, you are mistaken on your explanation of Metal Gear on the original NES. Was one of my favorite games as a kid. Your character is Solid Snake, as in the Solid Snake from the metal gear solid series, not Big Boss. Big Boss (naked snake) is the main bad guy in the game. You are sent in to rescue Grey Fox (the robotic ninja in the solid series), and end up taking over his mission to stop metal gear. It is discovered later that Big Boss is the leader of Outer Heaven, and the very end, after laying C4 on the metal gear main computer, as you are escaping, you have a shoot out with Big Boss. After, you escape in the elevator. in Metal Gear 2 (the Japanese one, not Snake's Revenge, although I enjoyed it, it is not cannon) you infiltrate a new Outer Heaven, and kill both Grey Fox (in a mine field, referenced in metal gear solid) and Big Boss. (Liquid mentions this in metal gear solid) Just for your own information. I totally agree though. Give me back Snake.

thehobbyist1512d ago

Doesn't have to be exclusive. Oh, and exclusive Metal Gear for Nintendo console? you mean Twin Snakes, right?

coolman2291511d ago

Hey I hate to break it to you (not really) but Metal Gear: Ghost Babel is a Gameboy Color exclusive, on top of being a great game.

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Loadedklip1511d ago

No. Konami and Metal Gear rarely support Nintendo.

randomass1711511d ago

But Snake had an original moveset. :(

Loadedklip1511d ago

@ randomass171 ... that I agree. He definitely is a unique character but Nintendo should just use that moveset and give it to an Advance War or Battallion War character instead.

I LOVE the MGS franchise ... but Nintendo looks like punks for literally advertising Snake and the MGS franchise when those games are rarely if ever on a Nintendo system.

And no ... getting one remake made by one of Nintendo's own development teams (at the time) and getting a portable port of part 3 YEARS later doesn't showcase that this franchise is actually on Nintendo systems.

It's stupidity 101.

Glad Nintendo woke up and not let Konami advertise their Playstation/X-Box franchise free again on a Nintendo console.

You want Snake in Smash ... then bring MGS Collection and MGS V to Wii U. It's that simple.

wonderfulmonkeyman1512d ago

Calling it now; we're going to get a ton of people crying for Ice Climbers to return when it just isn't possible.

deafdani1511d ago

It is possible on the Wii U version. It's the 3DS version holding it back, and that is bullshit.

randomass1711511d ago

New 3DS maybe? More RAM and a better CPU has to mean it's possible.

BlackWolf1511d ago

That could happen, but you'd be alienating a lot of SSBf3DS players that won't be upgrading anytime soon and would like to play as Ice Climbers... Not an ideal solution, I believe.

aLucidMind1511d ago

I'm glad Ice Climbers aren't returning. They were easy to beat while being fairly annoying. About as useless as Pichu from Melee was, in my opinion.