Five Games: ‘Civilization: Beyond Earth’ And Everything Else You Need To Play This Week

Space Civ, sexy witches and gyrating genies in this week's Five Games.

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lelo2play1511d ago

Yep, Civilization: Beyond Earth is going to occupy me for next few weeks/months.

Eldyraen1511d ago

I plan on waiting till around December as too many games in next few weeks for me. Civ games occupy so much of my time that I would have a problem fitting them all in with Civ releasing first.

Jackhass1511d ago

Civ is a great game for those cold, slow winter months, but still, I probably can't wait.

Seafort1511d ago

Me too. Can't wait for release this Friday in UK :)

1886afc1511d ago

holy shit! it releases friday. damn this month is going fast. Very excited to play this