Evolution gives Drive Club and PS+ Edition Updates

onPause writes:

Today Evolution Studios has dropped some more updates on the continued server connectivity issues that are plaguing the Drive Club launch and the lack of the PS+ Edition that fans are waiting for. While the connectivity has improved A LOT since launch there are still hiccups during peak hours.

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tayz2171d ago

Good news the servers are improving!

Spenok2171d ago

Is it just me, or did they say NOTHING about the PS+ Edition?

KingKevo2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

In the comment section below it reads: "PS Plus Edition news will come as soon as we have concrete info - sorry to keep you all waiting."

Edit: Whoever disagreed with me must be really... not intelligent. Go to the facebook link and read the top comment, it is by the official Driveclub account saying exactly what I quoted above. N4G man.. some people here are..

Edit 2: @CuddlyMURDER: So that is my fault?! Blame the guy who choose the headline for the article, probably someone from That article is about the facebook post and that's why the original is linked. The guy was asking about it and I thought he did not read the comment section and there they talk about the PS+ Edit. Sorry that there is no new info, but they do talk about it nonetheless. It's not my fault trying to be helpful.

CuddlyREDRUM2171d ago

@King... that is saying nothing about the PS Plus Edition, though.

otherZinc2170d ago


No, it isn't just you. They didn't say a damn thing, they never do, just more excuses for a broken game that should still be in delay.

BrianG2170d ago

The developer said from the start they would not release the PS Plus edition until the servers were operating as intended. They did not want to put stress on the servers by releasing a free version if the paying customers couldn't even use the online service.

This means every update on the servers is an update on the PS Plus Edition. Because every improvement is one step closer to it's release.

It isn't hard to understand, especially if you've been following this issue since the launch of the game.

Neonridr2170d ago

no offense BrianG, but that sounds exactly like a canned response that Evolution would love for everyone to believe.

Had they not promoted the PS+ version from the start, I could completely agree with you. However, they never once indicated that the PS+ wouldn't be available right alongside the launch of the retail game. They were even promoting the PS+ version in the sense that you could try it out to see if you liked it an then upgrade. It's not like they said that the PS+ version would release at a later date.

While these server issues aren't helping the PS+ version as they have to focus all their efforts on fixing that, it just sounds like they weren't ready to have the PS+ version come launch day.

SilentNegotiator2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

The PS+ Edition news is that there will eventually be PS+ Edition news?

This is just getting pathetic, Sony. In the future, don't make promises so far in advance; especially ones you can't keep.

They could have avoided half of the frustration by simply delaying it a month. Concise, concrete news would have helped.

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KingKevo2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

@tayz: I disagreed with you and wanted to say why:

Sure it is something positive that they are working on the game and are fixing the servers, but making something really bad a tiny bit better doesn't make it good and the overall situation is still bad in my opinion and what has happened with Driveclub is still a shame that I am mad and upset about.

I don't know what you personally think of the entire situation, but to me this is not good news, it is expected to say the least.

Khronikos2170d ago

You sound like an entitled teenager to me.

Lucreto2171d ago

It is a bit ridiculous with the long wait. I wonder what kind of "unforeseen server problem" they are encountering. There should have been a public beta for stress tests.

I am not too annoyed I wanted to just try the game and I am happy enough to wait.

Muzikguy2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

My guess is there is no "unforeseen problem" it's just an excuse. They should've been ready, this was a flagship title touted for almost 2 years and delayed an entire year. They f***ed up. Pure and simple. I don't like how all these online centric games are having issues when companies were trying to make this gen online only. They really have no clue sometimes

uth112171d ago

They've confirmed it's a code problem. So it's a safe bet they had some poorly written code that was the bottleneck that couldn't be fixed by adding more horsepower. Instead they have to reengineer it. Write new code, test, fix bugs, test, deploy updates to live servers repeat repeat. That explains why it steadily improved. If it was just a server capacity issue as many assume, that could have been fixed two weeks ago just by adding new servers.

ThatOneGuyThere2170d ago

yep. There must have been some serious flaws in the matchmaking netcode. An open beta, even for 1 day, would have found something like this.

KiwiViper852170d ago


A one day, open beta would've burnt the servers to the ground

guitarded772171d ago

Sounds like the "unforeseen server problem" was that they forgot to have servers.

PSN_ZeroOnyx2170d ago

Let's think logically about your comment for a second. if a lack of servers was the issue then simply adding more servers would have fixed this issue 2 weeks ago. This issue goes much deeper than a lack of servers.

guitarded772170d ago

Let's think even more logically about it... it was a JOKE. I was implying that there were NO servers.

deadman19872171d ago

I was interested in trying the PS+ Version a few weeks ago, but now they have delayed it so long that with all the games coming out in a few weeks i'm not even really interested in trying it any longer.

StormLegend2171d ago

I agree, I feel the same way!

Muzikguy2171d ago

That's exactly how I feel. I guess I'll just wait for PD to release the next GT game before I hit the tracks. I'm not that anxious, there's too many other games out there.

JamieLeeC932171d ago

There's no harm in giving it just one try though. You never know, you might just like it.

mcjt2171d ago

Then just don't download it when its available, its only a loss for yourself

ThatOneGuyThere2170d ago

You'd be missing out then, and for no real reason. DC is a fantastic racer.

Khronikos2170d ago

I'm not sure when it became cool to note you are not interested in a game anymore because of ___ and ___ on forums. Why do people en masse feel the need to tell others about this revelation?

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lildudexst2171d ago

That good to hear. Careless about it. Hey when full game become free I be playing it. Not worth 60$ more like 40$

OculusRift2171d ago

The dollar symbol goes before the number.

Me-Time2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

Hell to the yeah.

Unless you're saying "60 or 40p" as in pence like the brits have it.

TenBensons2170d ago

And the day goes before the month ;)

OculusRift2170d ago

I don't understand the disagrees. I've been to multiple countries and I have yet to see the currency symbol come after the number. I mean unless you weren't in school that day when they taught this.


Is that supposed to be a joke? Countries like the US right their dates that way.

Neonridr2170d ago

@OculusRift - then clearly you haven't been to any french speaking countries, as they almost always put the currency sign after the number value.

Not everyone on this forum is American by the way.

I am Canadian, and in Quebec some people place the $ after the value (again, could be a french speaking thing).

Also England has a knack for using it afterwards like a poster above mentioned.

OculusRift2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )


I don't recall ever saying anything about America or Americans. Thanks for not reading and making assumptions. It's great that you're Canadian, but I don't seem to remember asking anything about you and I don't know why I should really care. (JS) I've been to the UK a few times and have never seen the symbol written after the number on a store or in an ad (unless it was written on a piece of paper by a child.) Like you said, it may just be a a select few of French doing that.

To my second comment, I meant to say the day goes after the month <month/day/year>

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CriticalHit2171d ago

I bought mine for 40 euros. If you have PS+ that's how much you can get it for in the Playstation Store. So I assume in the US, you can get it for $40 in the PS Store.

Corpser2171d ago

Online connectivity is getting better because more and more people give up trying to play the game