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The Games Cabin - "After a solid 600+ hours with Awesomenauts, I'm finally ready to write the review that the world needs and deserves, but probably doesn't want.

Awesomenauts originally released on the Xbox 360 and PS3 back in 2012 with a PC release following shortly afterwards. Fast forward two years and we're able to play Awesomenauts on the PS4 with an Xbox One release slated for early 2015."

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amnalehu1678d ago

It is a lot of fun. Definitely worth adding to the library!

psvitamanfan1678d ago

cheap too! 75% off on steam at the moment I believe

bouzebbal1678d ago

Awesomenauts, Fat Princess are those games no one is talking about but will be remembered

3-4-51678d ago

Been playing on Xbox & PC for a while now.

It's very well made and tons of fun.

Every Character truly plays differently and it's a nice fast paced moba that doesn't drag on forever + that art style is beautiful.

Spenok1678d ago

Definitely nothing to complain about. Though for me it definitely isn't the best MP game I've ever played.

stalepie1678d ago

I tried it and didn't understand it one bit!

psvitamanfan1678d ago

mate, seriously, go back and try again. Google some guides or watch some youtube videos to get an idea of how to play.

Trust me, it's worth it.

stalepie1678d ago

OK i'll look into it sometime.

amnalehu1677d ago

The first part is just a tutorial. If you didn't make it past that then you didn't get to the actual game.