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ENE3: "What can be better than Bayonetta? Bayonetta 2 obviously.

Bayonetta 2 is a title of gender hack n 'slash in the third person, where the player embodies the role of Bayonetta, an Umbra Witch. The game is produced by Platinum Games, with Hideki Kamiya (creator of the original franchise) to oversee the project, and published by Nintendo. The game is a direct sequel to the 2010 title, Bayonetta, which was highly acclaimed by critics for its fluid gameplay with a variety of combos and interesting narrative. In 2010, the first game was launched for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 , but now joins the collection of Wii U , along with a bombastic sequel. You can read our review of version Wii U Bayonetta here . One of the issues we talked about in version Wii U Bayonetta was the "motion control" of the game. In Bayonetta 2 the player has the option to turn on and off the "motion control", but could not find one compatible with the Pro Controller. "

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Fizzler1463d ago

It looks like Nintendo has the GOTY in their hands!

DigitalRaptor1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

For sure. Can't wait to play it.

The Last of Us Remastered has a higher metascore, but I think Bayonetta 2 deserves it more as it's actually a new game for this year.

BullyMangler1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Wellll . .not that TLOU is a bad game, but think about this.

Do you think its fair for a game like TLOU, a game with no imagination, copy and paste graphics, no hardCore challenge, bogus A.I. and lack of CREATEivity, do you think its fair for a game like this to get 10/10 ? lol
when games like Bayonetta are the ones that bring the TRUE gaming challenge and creative imagination with the over the Top gameplay, actually taking more (brain work) to make . brain work = really using your mind to create something that has never been done nor imagined before . .

TLOU is O V E R R A T E D . . more like 8.5/10

Bayonetta deserves 10/10 . not TLOU lol .

Metacritic can be so decieving.

PigPen1463d ago

The countdown has already begun to greatness.

AwkwardJamm1463d ago

Nooo! Nintendo! Why only Wii U? I want to play on ps3 or ps4... Was so ready for Bayonetta 2. I have to borrow someones Wii U... Anyone willing to? Ahaha. Justplaying.

CaptainN1461d ago

Just get a Wii-U is the time with the release of Bayonetta 2,then Smash bros followed by next years lineup of Xenoblade X, Star Fox, Devils Third and then Zelda, it makes no sense not to get the system!!

rhap1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

The lack of good games makes an ok game become SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD. That's the harsh reality of Wii U and the reviewers.

Blackleg-sanji1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

The lack of good games?? ZombieU Super mario 3d world, donkey kong tropical freeze, hyrule warriors, wonderful 101, mario kart 8, legend of zelda wind waker hd, lego city undercover,

Upcoming-super smash brosU, captain toad, xenonlade x, zeldaU, yoshi wooly world come on now

@OverlordEnel yes exclusive wise the wiiu is kicking butt I even forgot some like pikmin 3 and more 2015 titles like kirby and mario party

OverlordEnel1463d ago

I agree with ya Sanji. It has a better collection of games than the Ps4 and Xbox One Combined.

NiteX1463d ago

What reality are you living in? Bayonetta has always been the best action game period, even when it was on 360 and PS3.

rhap1463d ago

I live in a reality where Bayonetta 1 is a good game just like many other good games. Maybe you need to try more games.

BiggerBoss1463d ago

Great game? Definitely. Best action game EVER? Umm no

SpeedDemon1463d ago

So you mean to tell me that these guys that reviewed this game and are giving it a perfect review score, the same guys that review many games, because you know.. it's what they do for a living, are only giving it a good review because they haven't anything else to play?

Yup, seems legit...

deafdani1463d ago

Except that the Wii U has far more high quality games than the Xbox One and the PS4, despite its lack of third party software.

Try again.

Korde111463d ago

Do you think that only Nintendo fans do Nintendo reviews? Do think that people just want to give Nintendo a good review so badly that they are giving undeserved scores? Pretty sure that does not make any sense.

weekev151463d ago

Bubble down trolling. Either that or you had some kind of accident in spring 2013 and have just woken up so you think WiiU has no games.

I have some news for you, good news! WiiU now has loads of amazing games, its pretty much a must have console for most now, feel free to browse metacritic to check out some of the top rated ones.

TheDivine1463d ago

Lack of good games? Ar Nosurge, Tears to Tiara 2, The Evil Within, TLoU Remastered, Alien Isolation, Senran Kagura, SSB, and Persona Q? Lots of good games recently. You made the mistake of assuming people only judge a game by what's on the system.

Xenoblade isn't considered one of the best RPGs of all time only on the wii, it's compared to every rpg out there. Same way TWEWY is one of the best games ever even when compared to console games and how Journey is masterpiece even though it was a short downloadable game. Those games aren't scored on a curve or scored only compared to other wii, handheld, or digital games.

When I play a game whether it be on 3ds, PS2, Vita, or PS4 I like it or love it period. Jade Empire iand SMT Nocturne are games I played a full gen after release and still love them better than nearly every other game. Face it, Bayanetta 2 is every bit as good as people are saying, even compared to PC and Ps4 games. Hell, especially compared to games with better tech and budgets. Its amazing PERIOD. The game is fast, fluid, and absolutely gorgeous. Looks far better than the first which was a 360/ps3 title.

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