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ENE3: "Bayonetta is no stranger to any of us, especially for being considered one of the finest action titles of the 7th generation of video games. It now remains whether the work of Hideki Kamiya maintains its quality on consoles from Nintendo, which is why we reanalyzed Bayonetta, this time focusing on their performance in the Wii U , and extras in this version brings."

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Neonridr1675d ago

Another good review. Glad to see the original game is still getting good scores. Cannot wait to get this package, never played the first one..

DryBoneKoopa851675d ago

I also never played the first Bayonetta.

I'm super pumped for this week! Picking up Bayonetta 2 (which also comes with the first!) and the collectors guide and Fantasy Life for the 3DS! Also Castlevania Aria Of Sorrow comes out Thursday as well! Plus the new Hyrule Warriors DLC just came out and I have a TON more content to play.

Neonridr1675d ago

wow, you will be busy.. lol

Locknuts1674d ago

And that's just on Nintendo consoles. There's The Evil Within and Alien Isolation that just came out as well as Driveclub for my PS4.

Ew. Actually I think I'll stick to my Wii U this week.

DryBoneKoopa851674d ago

@Locknuts: I have both The Evil Within and Alien Isolation for my Xbox One. I'm almost done my first playthrough of The Evil Within ( been playing it late at night when my kids are in bed and I just have my Halloween lights on lol.)

I started Alien but I'm only like two three hours in. I have Sunset Overdrive to pick up next Tuesday as well. To many games to little time lol.

jcnba281675d ago

Can't wait to pick up the collector'e edition. Demo was a blast.

PigPen1675d ago

Can't wait! Seems the closer it is to launch the slower the days get.

BosSSyndrome1675d ago

God, this review looks like the entire thing got run through Google translate.

InTheZoneAC1674d ago

is this game solid like the first or all of a sudden more overrated than it should be because wii u?

Neonridr1674d ago

it's everything the first game was, but better. So since the original one got good reviews, why shouldn't this one?

InTheZoneAC1674d ago

because the 1st one had mixed reviews as good and bad, but overall was rated solid.

And somehow wii u exclusivity had the game hyped up like it was great.

I was simply asking if this game is great, based on reviews, or being simply overrated...

Alinea1674d ago

why would the sequel would be overrated? its a platinum game, and a sequel at that, it just proves that platinum knows how to make hack and slashes.

Neonridr1674d ago

well this review is actually for the first game, not the sequel. I think he was just curious if this game is that much better the second time around..

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