Playstation TV: not ready for prime time (wololo)

The Playstation TV was finally released a few days ago in the US. Sony put some huge emphasis on the features of the device, in particular the possibility to access the PS Vita catalog of game, the streaming library of Playstation Now games, and the remote play functionality that lets you play your PS4 in another room.

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Neonridr1550d ago

remote play was very bad when I first got this thing last week. I made some adjustments in my house by creating a quasi-direct connection for the PSTV (Powerline adapter), turned on a "Game Mode" on my TV, set the resolution output to 720p (instead of automatic) and I noticed an immediate improvement over the amount of "lag" noticeable.

While there was still a little bit present, it made doing things like bounties and strikes fully playable on Destiny. I don't know if future firmware updates can improve the stability, but I am hopeful.

But I went from being utterly disappointed with the device to a level of satistfaction I can live with for now.

uth111550d ago

If remote play is so laggy on a home network, what hope do other Sony initiatives like Share Play and PS Now have?

I really wanted this device for the remote play, but now I'm not sure if it's worth it

Neonridr1550d ago

yeah, I can't comment as I didn't try PS Now.

The only thing I can't quite figure out is when I use my Vita in my bedroom for Remote Play the experience is virtually lag free, so what is causing the lag on my PSTV when it is in the same room and now I am using a direct connection instead of WiFi is definitely puzzling.

That's why I am hoping that it's the device and some firmware tweaks can be made to improve the stability of the unit.

vongruetz1550d ago

Remote play works really well with the Vita. With the PSTV, it has a problem streaming video at a decent rate. There has to be a software fix for this problem.

As for PS Now, this actually works pretty well on the PSTV.

Death1550d ago

I picked up and X6 last month and dedicated a channel to gaming. Great router, fast speeds and lots of options. Haven't tried remote play yet to see how it works with the Vita and PS4. It's not something I plan to do on a regular basis but I'm curious to see how it works.

uth111550d ago

Ok well hopefully they acknowledge and patch the issue, I may hold off buying until they do.

kneon1550d ago

PS Now has worked flawlessly for me with no noticeable lag in any game I've played. That was a surprise for me as I was expecting at least occasional issues.

Now they just need to fix pricing and game selection.

IIFloodyII1549d ago

It work great on the VITA, I think this is more to do with the PSTV.

bluzone1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

dropping the display down to 720p and direct wiring the controller helps the lag a little. A bit weird but give it a try.

(edit)here's probably why

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donthate1550d ago

I am jealous of Remote Play on PS4 since I use my Xbox One more, but don't have a PS Vita or PS TV to try it out on.

Sad to hear it is a laggy experience even on your home network. That is completely surprising to me, because the network itself probably adds like 5ms. Maybe it is the compressed video stream that is causing it i.e. your video stream is delayed because of the streaming and compression, then your input is further delayed from what you see on screen.

SoapShoes1550d ago

It works really well with a wired PS4 and WiFi PSTV for me. It's icing on the top because I bought it to play PSP games on the TV.

spacedelete1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

your own fault for buying for remote play. i could have told you remote play would be terrible just like the Vita andi could have saved you some money. this micro console is only for playing PS1, PSP and Vita games on a TV and nothing else.

Neonridr1549d ago

what do you mean just like the Vita? Remote Play on my Vita is flawless...

And on the TV it's definitely playable. I'm sure the experience will get better over time with updates.

Kid-Prodigy-KP1550d ago

The only reason I'm getting this is to play my PS Vita games on the big screen when I'm at home but when I'm away on the road I'll take my PS Vita.

Corpser1550d ago

It won't run many Vita games

Kid-Prodigy-KP1550d ago

I seen people on YouTube showing the Ui and they seem to have most of the games I have on it.

elnacho1550d ago

The article confirms the pstv is compatible with less than 20% of vita games.

HakatoX1550d ago


Cause those Vita slots are just for show.....

Special-Agent-Milo1550d ago

Can you play MGS1/MGSPO on PSTV?

ocelot071549d ago

Yes as well as MGS Peace Walker. Not sure about the Vita version of MGS HD collection.

ninjahunter1549d ago

Wololo as in the hacking site?