Giggidity Glitch

Martin Harrison considers the subject of "glitching" and writes -

"When a game gets buggy, the developers need to get the exterminators in. Bugs can affect achievements, mission progress, any number of minor or major game aspects and no one likes having their electronic experience tampered with. Yet sometimes a bug or glitch can be a welcome break in the code. Kind of like seeing something unexpected in real life, like a dog walking on two legs and pushing a baby in a pram. Youtube it. In a video game mix up, the baby would be barking and the dog would by crying due to missing or incorrect audio files. This would be enormously funny or deathly unsettling. Glitches can come to exist through a breakdown of a game’s physics engine, graphics texturing or just about any clash in the delicate digital writing that holds the world together."

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Matt_Beard1679d ago

My favorite glitches are the ones in Skyrim and Fallout 3/New Vegas. Seeing a mammoth hovering in the air or launching a gecko 60 feet in the air is very entertaining!