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DriveClub shines the way with realism in racing games, but at the cost to overall enjoyment. The title did eventually make it to the finish line, but it’s crossing the line in third gear when it could have been going so much faster.

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Upbeat1672d ago

After all the hype its a disappointment to alot of people. Personally i'm enjoying it.

Imalwaysright1672d ago

It's what happens when people start hyping a game on graphics alone. Graphics never were and never will be as important as gameplay. The average reception this game got is just another reminder of that.

objdadon1672d ago

The gameplay of this game is as fun and beautiful looking as advertised. The only thing wrong is the online! It's broken! But to say it was hyped up is bs!

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1672d ago Replies(1)
DJ1672d ago

So far I love it. Driveclub's at least a 4/5 in my book. Just needs replays, but I read that's coming in a few months.

Mexxan1672d ago

I was loving the detail and racing in FH2, but after DC it now feels pedestrian. All the nay Sayers really need to see that it may not deliver on content compared to Forza, but as an exhilarating racing experience it's superb.

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