The Harsh Reality Of Game Journalism and Reviews

Michael talks about some of the issues gaming journalism faces.

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purebennyc1486d ago

Very good piece and highlights the real truth behind what it's like to be in the Games Journalism business. I think a lot of people think it's all glamour and review codes but there is more news to report on than there are codes for reviews. Spot on about how everything changes when you go from just playing to reviewing. You lose that control over what games you play and with deadlines involved often you have to put down a game you love, to give a game you might not normally enjoy your full attention to give it an unbiased review and in a timely manner that balances keeping publishers and your site happy. Even with the downsides it's still one of the best industries to be involved in. Well done for bring the realities to light.

Tom871486d ago

Gaming is the best industry, I love playing games and reviewing before deadline.

purebennyc1486d ago

Totally agree Tom, the positives far out weigh the downsides and I'd rather have those problems and get the codes than not receive anything at all or not be in the gaming business.

spoonard1486d ago

Why don't they buy a couple of copies of their own games so they can give honest reviews instead of seemingly depending upon freebies? Seems to me most game "journalists" are in it for the free shit and the paid-for trips to E3 and other gaming conventions more than they are honestly reviewing games and reporting on the industry.

M_Mosley_JR1486d ago

Actually a lot of us pay for our own trip to events, the company only allows us to get press passes. And we do buy our own games, we just rely on review keys so we can give out a review the day of so players that are still indecisive can read them and make a clear choice.

DoublePlusGoodGames1485d ago

No idea why you are being disagreed with here. I've been in the industry since 1999 and have only had a handful of shows fully paid for in that time frame.

Great article by the way.

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