10 things Destiny and Borderlands could learn from each other

GR: "Like two brothers who always bicker, Destiny and Borderlands have a lot more in common than either would probably like to admit. They're both first-person shooters, have a penchant for loot, and work best when played as part of a team of fellow gamers. But, great though they clearly are, neither is perfect.

So, short of banging the two games' heads together (which would be quite harsh and probably land us in trouble with their parents) let's look at what each could learn from the other. Starting with what Destiny does better."

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PONTIAC08G8GT1462d ago

I've got to disagree with some of the items mentioned.

1. Borderlands could learn from Destiny's gun feel
- Sorry but the guns in Destiny are bland. They lack creativity and for the most part, every gun looks the same and only a couple different types. The shooting mechanics are different because Borderlands guns are for the most part, ridiculous lol.

2. Borderlands could learn from Destiny's competitive multiplayer
- Borderlands doesn't need online competitive MP. I don't think the MP in Destiny was very good at all, felt like an afterthought. Borderlands made its name as a single player/co-op looting game. Not online death match with modded weapons and super powers.

3. Borderlands could learn from Destiny's AI
- For most part, I felt that Destiny's AI were bullet sponges. Just standing and hiding behind cover. Whereas Borderlands everything comes to attack you. Destiny you can just sit there and shoot. First raid boss, that spider creature, yea he was really tough, just stood there and let you annihilate him.

Personally, Borderlands is leaps and bounds better than Destiny. Loot system, NPC, level design, sheer amount of locations, each character class is vastly different, more memorable enemies, better guns, and a better story. I know everyone loves Destiny so bring on the disagrees lol.

ImHyjack1462d ago

Well said by Pontiac08 BL is a 100% better shoot and loot game you get 1000s of guns Fire Lighting Ice all the classes feel different with completely unique Bonus powers higher level count more varied enemies giant open world maps satisfying Boss Battles NPC that make a difference in the story humor even if petty or childish still a pleasant aspect to the story. The length of the story progresses with better loot not playing the same 4 or 5 missions 50 times to buy one gun. I'm a LV.27 and that's where I'll be when Destiny 2 comes out it's boring and bland it's a failure in many ways where BL excels.

burza19821461d ago

Gun feel are mechanics no how they looks like and Destiny have a better gun mechanics. Guns in Borderlands are much much better yes but you feel Destiny's gun better when you shooting.
As for the rest, I agree.
I think if we will join these both games together we will be have perfect game.

DougLord1461d ago

Obviously Destiny has A LOT more to learn from BL then vice versa - but BL could learn a few things too. For me MP in BL is an after thought like Diablo. I think it would be great to make a large number of of quests sooo tough that they require a group. Introduce a new tier of ridonkulous gear that is locked to 4-6 man epic raids.

I'd also love them to introduce competitive MP, but not just in instanced BS games like CTF, Dominance or Hutt Ball. Do it like Dark/Demon Souls. If you are solo, 1 other person can enter your zone at a time. If you are in a group, a group of up to the same size can enter your zone at any time. When a group teleports there is a 50% chance they teleport to an open zone. There is a 50% chance they teleport to an occupied zone.

Destiny's biggest problem is the hub and spoke model. The main MP interaction area is totally separate from the action areas. The action areas are instanced, isolated and have nothing in them than bad guys. It should be more fluid like WOW.

I also don't think Destiny's gear is diverse enough. Everyone ends up chasing the same 3 or 4 types of stuff. BL does a MUCH better job by forcing you to pick among Zoom, Accuracy, Fire Rate, Reload Rate, Magazine Capacity and Elemental Effects. But I think they could go further by opening up a few more slots for "tools" or other equipment. Diablo really does the best here. Just choosing a Weapon and Shield doesn't give enough customization.

So yes a BL, Diablo, Destiny, WOW mashup is still a distant dream. Not sure if its better to hope D2 goes there or BL4. BL the Presequel was also disappointing BTW. Haven't heard as much about that. It added very little new stuff to the formula.

gamer91462d ago

Borderlands had unique classes and villians with personality, it had a story for why you are playing the game and shooting the enemy, it didn’t feel like every mission was the exact same mission structure, and most of all it had a great sense of humor. All of those things are completely lacking in Destiny.

Destiny is a shell of a game that has great gunplay mechanics, very addictive grind for loot, and 1 great mission the Vault of Glass.

JeffGUNZ1462d ago

They are different to me. I love borderlands and I love Destiny.

I like all those loot type games, so to me they both do great things. I also try not o compare everything to something like this last gen and this current gen seems to do. I judge destiny on how much fun I am having and if it brings me back day after day. So far it is, but I only play for like 1-2 hours a day at most. Getting older/having a family limits the gaming life. Ah, the good ol' college days, how I miss them.

lemoncake1461d ago

Borderlands is far better than destiny in so many ways.