7 classic games made ruthlessly difficult by hardcore fans

GR: Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: You’re 80 hours into your favorite role-playing game, and the end is in sight. You found all the best weapons, the best armor, and even defeated that super tough optional boss. Then the final boss appears--and you decimate him, without even breaking a sweat. It’s a little funny at first, but when the credits roll, the entire victory just feels hollow.

Wouldn’t it have been better to face a foe who made you rub a few brain cells together at least once during the final battle? You're not alone. The internet knows your pain, and has created a solution: difficulty mods. We’re not talking about mods where "lol everything one-shots you now!!!" Instead, we’re talking about mods that increase the overall difficulty of a game in a logical way, giving you a fighting chance while still demanding intelligent planning. So why not revisit an old favorite, and put your skills to the test with one of these sinister mods.

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