Five Enemies That Refuse To Leave You Alone

GI writes: "With Alien: Isolation on our minds, a game where a xenomorph chases you throughout the entire experience, we recall other games with persistent enemies that won't cut you any slack."

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edgarohickman1677d ago

I only played TWD out of the list :)

andrewsimons1677d ago

OMG, these characters look scary.

jackwei221677d ago

MR X(Tyrant-103) from Resident Evil 2

hemmo19861677d ago

Yes I couldn't agree more. He was like nemesis but slower and I reckon scarier. Love that game.

SolidGear31677d ago

Oh I hated Mr. X .. Always creeping up on me and whatnot :(

Roccetarius1677d ago

Nemesis would wait patiently for you, even if you ran into a safe room to hide.

kenshiro1001676d ago

I knooooow. That was the scariest thing.

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