First Look at the Final Fantasy XIII DLC That Never Happened

People have found new game data from Final Fantasy XIII that reveals a new area called "The Seventh Ark". They could edit the saves that much the area has become playable and players can even fight against a fal'Cie called "Nemesis". More details, screenshots and video behind the link.

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Tom871513d ago

Great article, thanks.

remixx1161513d ago

Damn I wish this actually released, I loved xiii (this is coming from a classic ff fan- ff 9 and 7 being my favorites) but hated xiii-2 and lighting returns.

Snookies121513d ago

Wha? I liked XIII, but I thought XIII-2 was a lot better. Lightning Returns on the other hand, not so much...

I agree though, shame this never got released. I mean, it looks like a lot of the work was already put into it.

allgamespc20121513d ago

or you was already in the game...but they took it out and thought, hey, why not dlc?

alstruck1512d ago

Hmm, I liked LR better than the other two. XIII and XIII-2 lacks something that really clicks with me.

about the dlc, an optional free battle area would be very awesome in that game.

Sly-Lupin1513d ago

If FFXIII had more open game design and FFXII's combat system (or even the old turn based ATB) it'd probably be one of my favorites, too. But I just can't get over how boring and tedious it is to play.

allgamespc20121513d ago

lol i thought the same...4 years ago, now i am absolutely loving it on PC. maybe cause, everything is just better when it comes on pc

Kumomeme1513d ago

there are ffxii-2 project before,colloboration with west studio,a sweden studio
according to the leak the game will be open world game on par with skyrim and gameplay system evolved from ffxii that can target enemy part
but the project had been shutdown by square halfway because the studio almost bankcrupt due to money issue
but square did say that ff made by other western company still possible

Bhuahahaha1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

13 has a good story the problem is the way they had presented/told it is kinda meh

and the naming its kinda lame fal'cie, la cie snow, hope and that stupid gangster name NORA no not hope's mother(she rock) they shouldve thought better

trickman8881513d ago

The FF13 series in general should have never happened.

johny51513d ago

Funny because XIII is good luck in some Asian countries!