Current AC: Unity Build Suffers from Slowdown

Early reports indicate that the current demo build of Assassin's Creed: Unity suffers from frame rate issues on Xbox One.

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nX1513d ago

Shouldn't this be the final build by now? If this game is running at 900p AND plagued with slowdowns Ubisoft seriously dropped in reputation and quality.

3-4-51513d ago

Maybe they should scale the 30,000 people back to 20,000

Blackleg-sanji1513d ago

More like 10,000 all those npc crowds are pretty pointless

Ezz20131513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

NOOOO, i will count them and will get mad angry over the missing 10.000 People. /s

nothing surprise me any more with Ubisoft

AliTheSnake11513d ago

It's not all about the overall resolution, Maybe they have high quality textures or high AA.

Azmatik1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

ouch this sounds like a issue 900p/30fps that's embarrassing plus I saw the trailers and gameplay theres no spectacular textures and I still see jaggies so theres no spectacular AA so whats the excuse? the draw distance? (which in a lot of current games I saw just as good draw distance) the NPC count? (possibly but if NPC are nerfing the overall image just for civilians to have somewhat of a loop brain then I don't want them) so what is it? the 4-player co-op? or the fact the companys making 2 games at once? or I hate to say it is it because of parity? you chose.

ScottyHoss1513d ago

Their quality has been getting worse and worse.. Hopefully far cry 4 won't be plagued with issues such as this

starchild1513d ago


Wow, that is so untrue. The textures in AC Unity are fantastic, especially for an open world game. And I don't see any overly intrusive aliasing in the gameplay videos or trailers so they must be using some form of temporal anti-aliasing. It's never going to get rid of all shader aliasing or sub-pixel aliasing, similar to the way Infamous SS still had some of this kind of aliasing.

But where you really go off the deep end is when you act like Unity isn't doing anything special in terms of draw-distance and the numbers of NPCs. This is ridiculous because it is easy to see that AC Unity is pushing scale, draw distance, LOD quality and NPC counts to new heights. No other game compares to Unity in these areas. Nearly every preview I have read has gone out of its way to point out how incredible it is in these areas.

Here are a few comments from those that have played it at recent events:

"Scale of the city is unparalleled, though. Fucking immense."

"The game really played well besides all that, i remember standing on top of the biggest building and just looking all around me. The whole city looked so big, i could hardly believe it."

"The first thing I did was climb the building next to me. It wasn't so high but what I saw when I got to the top was insane. You could just see Paris spread out as far as the eye could see. The sense of scale was insane. It really felt like this huge city that was alive. The amount of people of the streets were also breathtaking."

Eonjay1512d ago

According to the article, the game is very visual appealing but is suffering from performance. This is the xbox one version by the way. So what I find curious is that they said they were targeting 1080/60. How?

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NovusTerminus1513d ago

If you read, it is the current DEMO build that people are playing, previews and such. So those builds are normally not final.

That being said... AC games have often had issues, but never horrible, game breaking issues... Minus the first one, which had some of the most hilariously bothersome glitches ever.

Truth be told, I was not expecting a smooth framerate from this game.

CertifiedGamer1513d ago

You know it is a month before release right, so that means that they are going to have to spend a lot of time fixing these issues. It is likely just an X1 problem though. PS4 version will have better frame-rate.

Haru1513d ago

I was expecting 1080p 60/FPS tbh that's what they told me...

AliTheSnake11513d ago

1080p 60 fps is possible, but it will make the game looks like shit.

Yetter1513d ago

Unless the game releases today it isn't the final build. Day one patches are commonplace for games these days

nX1512d ago

Sure, judging by the delay they are working nonstop on it, AC:4 got a 1080p patch afterwards as well.
I just don't see the big improvements in their last few games while Shadow of Mordor does so many things better than AC. Watch Dogs was even a step back from AC:4.

Future_20151513d ago

They said 9 months ago both consoles were running the game at 9fps and it was a nightmare to get it up to 30fps at 900p


ScottyHoss1513d ago

Then they need to do their jobs better... The amount of time this game has been in development it shouldn't have been at 9fps 6 months ago.

nX1512d ago

^Not only time, but man power as well. AC:Unity is being developed by 10 studios...
"Ubisoft Montreal leads the project, with the Toronto, Kiev, Singapore, Shanghai, Annecy, Montpellier, Bucharest, Quebec, and Chengdu studios contributing."
...what were these 500+ people doing during the last 3,5 years?

Neo_Zeed1512d ago

In other words... their engine is pure shit and they suck at coding and optimization. Everyone working on this title should be fired.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1513d ago

Parity is all I gotta say;(....

geddesmond1513d ago

Seriously Ubisoft are cramming too many AI into the game when they offer nothing real towards the actual gameplay or story. Thousands of AI on screen. Ubi I wouldn't notice the difference between 100 and 1000 nor would I give a crap. A well wasn't buying the game anyway.

d0x3601513d ago

So a 3 month old build of the game had issues...oh no! The dev did an interview just yesterday saying they only just got the frame rate locked at 30 2 weeks ago. Due diligence please.

starchild1513d ago

Well, the build they have shown at events obviously isn't final, so the framerate could still improve.

Either way, as I've said before, Ubisoft tends to be a little over ambitious at times and their games can be pretty demanding to run. Look at how most of the Assassin's Creed games ran on the PS3 and 360 last generation. None of them had a completely steady framerate and many of them were also plagued with screen tearing, especially on the PS3.

If the XB1 version has some framerate issues it won't be surprising given the incredible scale and dynamism of the the game. I still think the PS4 version may have a performance advantage.

This game looks absolutely incredible and the scale of the city and the number of NPCs is unrivaled.

Locknuts1512d ago

I blame the crappy hardware. They're unable to realise their vision because of it.

Neo_Zeed1512d ago

With only two sets of fixed hardware they can optimize the hell out of consoles despite their specs. That's what good developers do. Good developers optimize their games to push the hardware beyond it's limits.

Marked1512d ago

Saddest thing...this is nothing new with this series. On PC, no matter what the resolution, there is just parts of the game they never optimize. I would be running a solid 60fps, system utilization below 60% and the frames would drop to 42 fps.
Most of these companies are going to try and reuse their crap old gen engines...modified for current gen but, still have old gen limitations.

retro_1512d ago

Saw it on XB1 running at EGX and the frame rate was a bit rubbish in places as was the slightly ropey 'crowd' animation (a bit robot!) and hilarious NPC clipping solid objects bugs. Clearly the code wasn't the finished article or at least, I hope it wasn't.

Apart from all that, It could well be a brilliant game I just hope the PS4 version is able to stretch it's muscles and smooth things out a little.

Neo_Zeed1512d ago

Ubisoft is no longer known for quality. Ubisoft is only good at mass producing thrsame product yearly.

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SaveFerris1513d ago

I wonder what this might mean for the PS4 version?

Findingcrybabies1513d ago

Look at other games from the developer. or even better look at the multilayer stability and technical issues from previous games...especially watch dogs and other AC games. Paints a picture that makes this unsurprising.

ScottyHoss1513d ago

You have a massive point sir, almost makes me ashamed to be Canadian...

Blackleg-sanji1513d ago

My god ubisoft what are you doing this gen

Marked1512d ago

Trying to use an old gen modified engine. Their BS is going to ruin an endless potential. They need to pull up their pants and do it right.

Hell their PC versions of AC would have slow downs and there was no evidence of limitations on my PC...plenty of overhead!

RG_Dubz1513d ago

Lower the resolution to 720p, because we all know that all X1 will be able to handle when it comes to actual current-gen games, it can barely handle 900p on these cross-gen BS games we've been getting..

Why do you think they didn't call it XBOX 720? Because they know all their actual current-gen games will be 720p/30fps, I don't think they liked the nickname XBOX 720p it actually comes off and makes the system look much worse the then nickname XBONE ever could.. Even with the performance boost from not using the kinetic, it's struggling @ 900p.

Lets face it we all know the PS4 can easily run this game at 1080p/30fps, but the PS4 version is being held back, same way EA did with EA Sports UFC, it's locked at 900p/30fps on both consoles even though the PS4 can easily run it at 1080p/60fps (unlocked)

turdburgler10801512d ago

Your probably one of those people who thinks xbox one still requires a internet connection to do mandatory check in for DRM and Don mattrick still is the head of xbox. Nobody's holding your ps4 back so stop with the conspiracy theories.