Crowd-Funded RTS “Human Resources” Works With the Fans, Eats Humanity in the Process

Working up a huge boost of steam on Kickerstarter right now, the crowd-funded Real-Time Strategy game “Human Resources” is fully destructible as a larger scale friend to Pacific Rim fans.

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Jacktrauma2232d ago

Just recently started following this. It looks like a solid build idea for an RTS.Looking forward to the project and its finish

JoeIsMad2232d ago

I'd love to see this game get funded, given that we can destroy the entire map, and no maps are the same.

MrJQ2232d ago

Heard about this on EBA's AxeFactor. Looks interesting.

Stevefantisy2232d ago

Its awesome see good games now have these tools like crowed funding to push them along.

ROQFrost2232d ago

I like RTSs, and this looks like it could be fun.