Why Marcus Fenix Collection Needs to Happen

Hey guys The Project Ali team back with more gaming news & rumours. We have an exciting new prospect of the possibility Gears of War collection. After the successful wave of HD remakes/Remastered/Definitive editions what ever you want to call them along with the Promising release of the Halo Master Chief Collection. Fans are beginning to dream of a Gears of War collection.

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nicksetzer11679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Gears of war is probably one of my favorite franchises out there, would love a remaster of all the games. (Would be nowhere near as great as halo MCC though) That said, I am really excited for the new game as well, really hope it is nothing like judgement.

Foehammer1678d ago

I really enjoy the Gears franchise.

Sometimes developers try to freshen up a franchise by going in a different direction, Journey, Reach, ODST, I enjoyed them all for what they were.

n4rc1678d ago

Not on my list.. Never cared for gears.. Played 2 and 3 and was just not my type of gameplay..

But it has quite the following.. They probably should make it