rAge 2014: Assassin’s Creed: Unity Is Not More Of The Same And That’s Great

A quick impressions article via EGMR in which the author shares their hands-on experience with Assassin's Creed: Unity after sampling it at rAge 2014 in South Africa.

Quote: "Such was our experience with the game, which showed off a few new additions such as what can only be described a flashback kills (where an assassination tells you a bit about the victim’s background) as well as lockpicking, a new form of eagle vision and more. Most notably perhaps is the newly reworked combat system which, for the life of me, I could not quite figure out. The mission in the game actually allowed for multiple approaches in a return-to-roots for the series that allowed you to either approach from up high or from the gritty ground level, which granted me options I had missed from more recent games in the series. "

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poppinslops1679d ago

Less than a month, less than a month...


skulz71679d ago

Can't wait for this. Whilst everyone is hating on the game, they are missing the fact that the previews have been incredibly positive!

starchild1679d ago

The fact he said he couldn't figure out the combat seems like a good thing to me because it suggests that the combat mechanics really have been overhauled.

I'm extremely pleased with the changes they appear to have made for this game. This is my most anticipated game this year and it's almost here.

ab5olut10n1679d ago

Revelations was a little disappointing, AC3 was bland, and I just didn't like Black Flag. But Unity has me crazy hyped.

Meltic1678d ago

I wonder two things.

1: Is there a day/night cycle in this game ?

2: Any wheater effects like in ac4 black flag ?. The rain effect was awesome...

poppinslops1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

The time of day will be fixed, likely as a means of providing continuity between missions. Co-op players will sync without any of that 'suddenly it's midnight' nonsense (ala GTA, Black Flag etc)...

The 10 minute nights are gone, and I say 'good-riddance'. Now I won't need the cheats for a decent patch of darkness...

As to the weather... Well, it rains a lot in Paris. Unity has a variable system, which will probably be locked during missions. Also, I'm quite sure the game will have seasonal weather, like AC3...

ion531678d ago

I thought it had dynamic day and night. No seasons, but weather like fog and rain

poppinslops1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Yeah, Ubisoft have been pretty vague about the specifics, but it seems that the time of day will be locked during missions... If the dynamic system remains, I imagine it would be active between missions.

Unity will have snow, which is likely tied to a seasonal dynamic system... Like AC3.