Xbox Live Video is broken

"Technical issues have resulted in a very unpleasant experience for our members," says Microsoft

Microsoft has promised refunds for American Xbox Live users who have lost money trying to download from its new Video Marketplace, which went online in the States on Wednesday.

The new marketplace allows users to download TV shows and movies in both high and standard definition, including films such as Three Kings and episodes of South Park, CSI and, erm, Pimp My Ride.

Perhaps expectadly, the high demand for the new Xbox Live video service has caused many a technical hitch, with Microsoft's Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb admitting that "these technical issues have resulted in a very unpleasant experience for our members, including extremely slow downloads or not receiving the content they purchased."

The Major says that a team is working around the clock to fix the download problems, and that anyone who has experienced a problem such as losing points without receiving a download shout call 1-800-4MYXBOX.

"Thanks for your patience, and please know that the team is prepared to make things right for those affected," he says, "including refunding Microsoft Points where appropriate and as quickly as possible.".

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DeathNote15790d ago (Edited 5790d ago )

I just wanna know... if downloading demos already took a good time period...800mb... didn't they realize ~5gb would be horrible?

Hopefully they will fix it soon, so everything will download a lot faster.
Also.. it was already broken.
$3 for TV shows i'm already paying cable for?
$6 bucks for a HD movie download. More expensive than ppv, and more expensive than netflix.

Dollar numbers based on 1600 points for $20 rounded divisions.

Sorry, no, not sold.
I'd use it once a month.

uxo225790d ago

Does net flix offer HD movies now?

ScorpioKyle5790d ago

HD PPV movies are about the same price.

ThaTeflonDon5790d ago (Edited 5790d ago )

I just want to see the quality of the HD movies:

Day 2
Poseidon HD 4.5GB
91% complete
6MBps Connection

To quit now would be insane. I shall have my download or burn microsoft down..... muahahahahaha ...

oh ....sorry!

ThaTeflonDon5790d ago

Either a lot of people are giving up or the service is damn near fixed. My percentage went up 2% within the last post. Thats never happened. usuaully takes an hr or two

Monty1875790d ago

have faith people, MS is on the case!!

ThaTeflonDon5790d ago

100% Complete

Throws the confetti ...pops open the champaign!!!!

4.51GB downloaded in 2 Days 3hrs 19mins and 42secs on a 6MBps connection .....Never Again!!

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