Crowdfunding campaign is asking for $150,000 to get Valve to make Half-Life 3

Some people are very serious about Half-Life 3. Serious enough to start a crowdfunding campaign asking for $150,000. Their aim? To pester Valve developers enough that they finish and release the game.

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hiredhelp1515d ago

As huge steam fan its dissapointing that we have to go this far..
Gabe s making millions being biggest digital games distributer with developers and yet not listening to them or the huge fans crying out.

n4rc1515d ago

I can't help but wonder..

There is absolutely no reason to not make this game.. Except for two theories I have

1) integrity.. They may not have a proper story to tell and don't want to sully the HL brand

2) its going to be some steamOS exclusive once it gets rolling to help further that product

lemoncake1515d ago

Half life 2 was such an important step for steam so makes sense that half life 3 would do the same for the steam machines. If it doesn't come out with the steam machines I think it's safe to say that it's the end for half life 3 and they just don't want to do it.

Rooted_Dust1515d ago

It may not be exclusive to the OS, but they could be reserving it to go hand in hand with the release to give it greater impact.

Steam Box + Source 2.0 + Half Life 3 would be amazing.

Gamer7771515d ago

The reason why there is no new Half-Life is because Gabe Newell keeps eating the dev teams.....

NarooN1515d ago

Nope, Gabe already said ages ago that they would never make any SteamOS exclusive games. And the backlash from the PC community who use Windows as their OS would cause a PR nightmare which Valve would never want.

The reason there hasn't been a Half-Life 3 yet is because they know it's literally impossible for them to release it and have it live up to the ridiculous hype the fanboys and press have built up for it. It would have to be the most perfect game ever created and push boundaries and etc. etc. and there's just no way that would happen. So they just don't care anymore.

This campaign is laughable at best because of that. Valve are filthy rich, I don't see how some annoying campaign will get them to change their minds. They already are fully aware of how much people want the game.

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hiredhelp1515d ago

Im not sure about the story but steam OS s out still in BETA but its out as for steam box i dont think its ever gonna come out.

gangsta_red1515d ago

Wow, everyone must realize that if Half Life 3 ever does come out it will never ever live up to the hype that everyone now expects it to be.

To me this game has missed it's boat. It should have came out much sooner and with every year that passes not only does it get more irrelevant but the nostalgia starts to cloud people's judgment, the game was great for it's time, but many games after that have told a much better story.

I don't think HL3 could do anything different for the FPS genre that we haven't already experienced.

STK0261515d ago

Perhaps Valve doesn't feel like they can currently develop a game that would satisfy their fans and themselves. If so, I believe we have to respect their choice and their artistic integrity.

I also doubt that throwing some money at them will change their plans; Valve is not lacking financially, money isn't the reason they are not developing the game.

Let them do what they want, putting pressure on Valve is not going to make the game happen any faster.

windblowsagain1515d ago

Should have been made by now.

Episode 2 was 2007,lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.