Destiny’s raid matchmaking is working exactly as intended

Destiny has been out for over a month now and we’ve had plenty of time to think about Bungie and Activision’s grand investment. We’re still another month away from the first major content expansion, so the play-once-and-trade-in crowd have moved on, and Bungie and its players are settling into an MMO-like cycle of daily and weekly activities punctuated by special events.

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SolidDuck1464d ago

I think that after u beat the raid, matchmaking should be unlocked for it.

BattleAxe1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

How would that help anything if you don't have enough friends playing the game in the first place? I've been playing Destiny since day one, and I still haven't been able to play a raid, and it's not looking like I'll be playing one anytime soon.

stavrami-mk21464d ago

Feel free to look up our clan alpha omega zero and join if you like. we raid weekly and have ppl on most the time to run weekly and nightfall


Most people don't want to get matched with someone with no experience so that's why you should play with friends och look for someone willing to teach you first. There is plenty of people to play with you just have to "LFG" in the destiny app and you should have a group within minutes.

SirBradders1464d ago

Google destiny tracker mate you'll find parties on there.

VealParmHero1464d ago

I'm with ya. Even the weeklies and dailies are a pain. At least there you only need 3 and I can easily beat them alone. But I just don't see why there didn't include it. The option to choose a party of 6 friends and then jump in would still be what's up?

brich2331464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

go to there will be plenty of people looking to do the raid.

n4rc1464d ago

The point is..

How is finding random groups or "lfg" in the tower any different then matchmaking?
Its just making it harder for those without friends with the game

SINISTERGENESIS1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Agreed yet another glaring problem with this game... For the life of me I can't understand why so many people portray themselves as mindless sheep when others like myself criticize ( rightfully so) this game...I wanted this game to be so good but with the shady disc DLC, non existent matchmaking for raids, extreme lack of story, underwhelming content both PVE and PVP wise etc etc... I don't get it... If any other game that had these same big problems wouldve been criticized to the point where Bungie/Activision would need to make serious changes immediately thus improving the game... While it is fun it's a complete borefest after so many weeks and that's a big problem especially when this game was hyped to be so massive...

I understand with time it'll get bigger but what was released was crap... The beta served only as a stress test for the servers basically and but yet we were told what was there would be expanded upon on release... But when it dropped NOTHING changed nor expanded. You can boo all you want but I'm only stating facts not hate... Myself and others are extremely dissapointed... So answer this why is this game the magic exception to what many others in the past criticized before, is because it's Bungie ? Or is it because activision published it? What people?

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Elwenil1463d ago

I understand what you are saying, but obviously that won't help anyone do it the first time. Still, I firmly believe that most who have beaten the raid understand why matchmaking for the raid is not the best of ideas. Those who haven't been there can't possibly understand the utter frustration of trying to teach new players to the raid how the relic works on the fly. It's hard enough to beat the last boss with all the game's "bugs" and "glitches" but I cannot fathom trying to do all the intense, teamwork oriented things in the raid with random people who have never worked together before.

It would be different for experienced raid players who know what to do and how the gates and things work but for noobs, it's going to be hours and hours of frustration. It reminds me of the first time I offered to help someone do the raid and we never made it past the first gate due to all the new players running around screaming that the enemies were not dropping enough heavy ammo, lol. Raids require teamwork and people who can work together with changing situations. It's going to be real hard to get a full team of 6 like that from random matchmaking.

zacisyoface1464d ago

Forums are great help for this Matchmaking that is being demanded

The_KELRaTH1464d ago

The problem is Destiny is not clan friendly with most of the game content limiting to 3 players. Also It's luck whether / when you get good enough armour / weapons to do the raid at the same time as fellow team players.

Also no game should virtually block content just because they might game on their own!
Not everybody is of the younger generations that have lots of game friends like FB collecting friends.

VealParmHero1464d ago

I agree. They just assume we all have tons of friends and they all play Destiny raids. I keep my list pretty lean, and have only 2 friends playing Destiny now....and we have very diff schedules

cleft51463d ago

I love playing the Raid and only getting shards and energy.

Gears_President1464d ago

This is the reason I've stopped playing. I think its a alright game, but when I'm stuck at 26 for like two weeks... because I cant do a raid...because my friends have different schedules...because I send out messages to people on my friends list that I don't play with ever and they still don't do the raid...because I go to the earth social or citadel or whatever the heck its called and dance and point and sit down with people messaging them trying to get them to do a WTF? IT NEEDS MATCHMAKING! EVERY GAME I PLAY HAS NUBBS THAT HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEIR DOING! BUT NOOOOO Destiny IS DIFFERENT? 500 MILLION OVER THREE GAMES AND...nope this is TBS(TOTAL BULL****)

ShowGun9011463d ago

seriously, ive picked up 2 raid groups, all knowledgable and we ran through really quickly... plus, i added them to my friends list, so we can do it again next week! got around 25 people on my friends list raid-ready now!

if you'd really like to participate in the raid, thats the best way... if you just want to type in all caps in a forum, while being non-constructive, you can do that too. but you shouldn't act like theres "no way" you can participate, theres TONS of people out there who will pick you up!

cleft51463d ago

The fact that you have to go to an outside source to find a raid group is problematic. At the very least Bungie should have a chat options within the game to allow you to do what you just described without having to go to a third party.

wcas1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

I like to play destiny solo and at times I have two friends and we play as a fire team. I do not however have six friends who all have destiny and play the same times as I do with my schedule. I have played in the Raid with some friends of my friend etc. I have absolutely no desire to pursue raids. If it had match making maybe. I am level 29 and am perfectly content there as long as I don't have to mess with all of the headaches of getting six people together who have similar schedules as mine and want to play Raids when I want to. I am primarily a solo player and I like it that way. If the only way to get the best gear in this game is through Raids then that's ok. I really can do without it. I have more fun doing what I like instead of what developers like. Bungie is trying to push me into playing Raids that I don't enjoy playing and restricting my access cool gear unless I play what they want me to play and with no match making. I just want to have me, Raids and Crucible are a no go...Period.

ShowGun9011463d ago

you already have cool gear if you're lvl 29... its just you won't have the VM, or the set of raid gear... thats the only things you'll be missing. besides, you don't actually NEED to go any higher, cause you already have access to everything in the game at that lvl, its not like you'd be lvl restricted on anything. have fun doing whatever you like!

btw is a life saver, picked up 2 raid groups so far there, all really cool peeps.

Gears_President1463d ago

Non-constructive? Whether I type in all caps or not is not the issue. We are in a forum where we discuss and express our opinions, those caps were merely to display my frustration at game that I actually like. However, they designed this game where I have to go outside the game to get the whole story. I forgave them for that, but I'm never going outside the game to read about things that I shouldve experienced in the game. Now you want me to go outside the game again to find players? So I have to make my own story and find my own players. This isn't a F2P I paid 60$, that's to much work. You have fun though, HMCC is out in a few weeks.

wcas1463d ago

Wanting Legendary gear with 30 light instead of 27 so that I can reach level 30 is what I want, not what I need. Denying players access to this gear simply because they don't enjoy playing Raids is an attempt to push them in to playing something they don't want or like to play. A match making option would be helpful. Judiciously confining players to a lower level cap simply because they choose not to play raids is wrong IMO. Plain and simple.

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