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It sure has been a long time coming, but Level-5 and 1-Up’s adorable RPG, Fantasy Life, has finally made it to Western shores. Released in Japan back in 2012, the game has made moderate waves over the course of its already lengthy life, but will Fantasy Life’s new audience enjoy what the world of Reveria has to offer?

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kyon1471883d ago

I still really want to pick up this game. Feels like it needs a lot of attention and or will be quite addicting and I do not want to turn away from some games I am playing at the moment.

So many choices.

amywelshcastle1883d ago

I've had to put it down quite a lot over the last two weeks as I've been so busy, but it's super easy to jump back into if you have a spare half hour.

I love it! :)

kyon1471883d ago

Might have to go pick it up at the weekend and play it on my commutes to work.

Sly-Lupin1883d ago

Reviews for this game are all over the place. Anyone know if there'll be a demo or something?