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The first time I played Lone Survivor, it was in the middle of the day. Others in my house were having conversations nearby. The dog was barking loudly. The game was played on the TV; the sound was coming through the speakers. Sunshine streamed the the windows. I played the game for a total of ten minutes, absolutely bored, before deciding to wait for a proper atmosphere. The second time I played Lone Survivor was at two o’ clock in the morning. I was the only one awake; even pets were fast asleep. Rain poured outside. The silence and darkness of the house was interrupted only by flashes of lightening and rolls of thunder. I left the TV off, hooked up my half-broken earbuds to the Gamepad and curled up on the couch to play. Immediately, I was completely enraptured by what must be one of the most unique horror games ever.

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donwel1883d ago

Nintendo Enthusiast in the Vita section? I know Ninty keep advertising the Vita but come on dude... I'm joking, obviously.
I will however, spend every waking moment recommending Lone Survivor when it's getting some advertisement. Fantastic horror game and is well worth the dosh.

HatsuneMikuDes1883d ago

I've played this game, buy I haven't finished it yet. Really enjoying it though. Anyone know how long it is?

spacedelete1883d ago

why wasn't this game cross buy ? what an absolute con. i downloaded free version from PlayStation plus a few months ago but they expect me to pay extra ? all indie games need to be cross buy.

MysticStrummer1883d ago

While I agree cross buy would be great, you should look up the definition of "con".

Great game.