Five Spooky Nindie Games To Try Out This Halloween

Halloween is on the way, with all the creepiness and spookiness you’d come to expect. Naturally, you might be wanting to play a nice horror game to get you in the mood. While the Wii U isn’t just overflowing with titles from the genre, a few indie developers have picked up the slack, and there are several spooky, atmospheric games that would fit right in with your Halloween experience.

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FullmetalRoyale1117d ago

Lone Survivor is fantastic. Play it with a headset on, or earbuds in, if you want the full effect. I've said this in another post, but I just always have a hard time picking my spooky game for Halloween that I figured I'd weigh in for a very economical option. I personally think the two best options for playing this would be on Vita(which is where I played it), and Wii U on the game pad. I think the more intimate range of those help not only the art style, but the immersion.
Anyone else out there play it?