LittleBigPlanet In Project Spark Is Definitely Its Best Creation Yet

NowGamer: "Project Spark is definitely very impressive, the tools available have already enabled players to make some crazily impressive creations.

But while it was inevitable that someone might ironically create LittleBigPlanet in Project Spark, and though this is more like a recreation of the original LittleBigPlanet trailer this is funnier than we actually expected."

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chikane1880d ago

I rather play the real LBP then this cheap ripoff. cant wait for LBP 3

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buyakabuyaka61991880d ago

Me too. This game doesn't hold a candle to LBP3.

Wintersun6161880d ago

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Protoss1880d ago

What an overly bitter thing to say. Fanboys these days are getting hella bad, i feel sorry for those sad souls.

Mr Pumblechook1880d ago

I've watched the whole video of the LBP clone and it does seem very clever. But I actually think it does a disservice to Project Spark because the clone graphics underlines that the game was conceived by Phil Harrison to be an alternative to LBP which he 'discovered' when working for Sony. It even uses the same 'Play, Create' tags.

Project Spark is wonderful because it gives young gamers the chance to experiment with level design and its advantage over LBP is that you can use multiple graphic styles, from Minecraft to Fable. The disadvantage is that it does not have its own game world or characters and lacks that Sack Boy charm however it is a massive compliment to Media Molecule.

levian1879d ago

Project Spark looks absolutely amazing, and it was going to be the sole reason for me to be buying an XB1. However, I found out it's a "free to play" game with crazy expensive microtransactions, to the point where if you wanted to use all the content it'd be well over $100.

Very disappointing, I was very much looking to having an awesome game creation tool.

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stuna11880d ago

Copying is best form of flattery most would say.

mhunterjr1880d ago

I wouldn't say this is the best thing to come out of project spark...

But it is a neat production and a great nod to the franchise that showed us that there is a market for this type of game.

hkgamer1880d ago

Great creations would come out sooner or later.

The biggest shame what i thinkbthese games havr is that its just too complicated to make a level.

Mario maker seems to be perfrct in termsbof simplicity, though im not sure how big the worlds we create would be. Also game isnf out yet so cant really say if it would be any good.

gangsta_red1880d ago

That was pretty cool and I love the way Project Spark offers different style of 3D models for your game creation. I wonder if you can do cell shading?

Very impressive, good job MS. This is the type of games I like to see more of.

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The story is too old to be commented.