The Evil Within - Proper "FOV & Black Bars" Fix Released By Community

DSOGaming writes: "Even though Bethesda has revealed a command console via which players can force The Evil Within running at full-screen mode (without black bars), this particular tweak comes with a really messed up FOV. In all honesty, the default fix feels ‘cheap’ as it – more or less – places the camera closer to the main protagonist. But thankfully, the game’s PC community is to the rescue with a proper “FOV & black bars” fix."

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ravencry1876d ago

this is why pc gaming is best when you can fix things yourself if developers fuck it up.

Jason_Plays_PC1876d ago

I agree we can access most of the game files ourselves and make the necessary changes this black bar issue was incredibly annoying.

anwe1876d ago

Par for the course with Bethesda. If it weren't for the community being able to mod, improve, & even fix their sub par products they wouldn't be nearly as popular.

weirdo1876d ago

wish the developers gave this as an option

Imalwaysright1876d ago

Thank god. Those black bars were off putting.

Ghost_Nappa1876d ago

"Because it's cinematic" be damned. They did this so the 360/ps3 had less to render, and thus perform better. Anyone who thinks otherwise is incredibly naive.

Transporter471876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

*facepalm* You do know its ratio right? Sometimes when your monitor or tv screen do not have a proper ration black lines appear. It doesn't render less at all. Everything inside the black bars is the same as without them.

plmkoh1876d ago

Don't need to reason with the PC elitists, they probably think the original drawn concept art shown 4 years ago in this aspect ratio is one giant conspiracy to get the 360/PS3 to render less.

starchild1875d ago

It's a lot less pixels and thus easier to render. This is a fact.

He's right, anybody that believes it is being done to be more "cinematic" is incredibly naive.

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