Destiny: Incredibly Skilled Player Solos the Templar in Vault of Glass

GC - "A skilled player has soloed the Templar boss in the vault of glass hard mode."

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vishmarx1879d ago

must have nothing else to do

zacisyoface1878d ago

Must be a good player.
Good for him.
See that guys?

That's called being nice

Take Notes

blackout1879d ago

Wow, is this game really that easy? Come on Bungie.

ShowGun9011879d ago

haha! no its not, that things wiped my team alot of times... note the "incredibly skilled" part... seriously, 25 kills for a kem strike isn't easy, but ive seen people do it plenty, some people are just bad ass lol!


That looked easy to you? Every time he is attack he only has 2-3 seconds to do damage and pick the relic back up before being insta-killed (though it must be nice not having to worry about other players, having to cleanse, and whatnot). Gotta admit that was pretty badass.

GetSomeLoGiK1879d ago

It seemed easy because it was only one person. It works the same way Monster Hunter works, the more people you have, the more difficult the enemies are.

kneon1879d ago

I can't comment on the raid as I've not done it, but just about every other mission is fairly easy once you find the safe spots where you can stand and pick off enemies without them really bothering you.

I've completed every mission and strike including nightfall strikes solo on the hardest levels. It's not that hard, just time consuming sometimes.

ITPython1877d ago

Have you done this weeks nightfall solo yet? I know of safe spots throughout the entire strike except the main boss, and I assume staying in the entrance doorway will spawn anti-cheat enemies right on top of you, but I haven't tried yet. The rest of the strike can be done with patience and a bit of time if you have the Ice Breaker.

Although the dang captains with the regenerating shields in the first part of the strike are pretty annoying trying to take down solo, as once you finally knock their shields down, they just teleport out of your view and regenerate again in a few seconds.

kneon1877d ago

I've not done it as a nightfall strike yet, but I have done it as a level 28 strike solo. When I did that there were no enemies coming from behind if you stayed at the door.

But I found a better spot was up the stairs on the right. There is some cover there and enemies never seem to come up, except for the occasional shank. You take more damage but you can deal more damage as well. The damage may be too severe to take on nightfall though.

Also I find a good fusion rifle seems to be the best weapon to take down Sepics Prime.

cell9891879d ago

One does not simply walk into the Vault Of Glass, its corridors are an abomination, foul shadows of the fallen lurk deep in the dark, not with 10000 men would you make it alive.

Sorry off topic, too much LOTR for me, you get the point tho

vikingland11879d ago

You get a funny bubble from me.

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ThatOneGuyThere1879d ago

"skilled player" aka player with nothing else to do in the real world and has all of the right gear that "non-skilled" players cant get unless they quit their jobs. I could embarrass this chump in the crucible.

Neonridr1879d ago

I am a father and husband, so I get to play Destiny all of like an hour a night if I try hard enough.

I am level 28.5 and have the equivalent gear as this guy does in the video.

I wouldn't say I am "skilled" - I can hold my own, I guess.

But anytime you want to post a video of you soloing the Templar on Hard by yourself in less time, I will gladly watch it.

averagejoe261878d ago

It's ok buddy you can just admit you're not that skilled... We won't judge

ThatOneGuyThere1878d ago


I just have a life-ish. I WISH i could play this game non-stop. I finally have all purple armor, and I've had this game since launch.

TheDevKit1878d ago

I'd just like to remind you that you're on a gaming website typing this comment.

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BuckyBarnes1879d ago

Find it hard to believe, where are all the other enemies that spawn? Sure wasn't that barren when I did the raid, even on normal, waaay more enemies than that.


Of course there were more enemies, you probably had a full crew of 6.

vikingland11879d ago

The bigger your fire team is the harder/more enemies spawn.

BuckyBarnes1878d ago

Oh, didn't know that. Makes sense. Now I feel like a dumbtard.

one2thr1879d ago

Now I regret not buying the "Ice Breaker", thats what I get for trying to save my strange coins for that day'um Exotic auto rifle....

Phuck You Xur! lol

On topic- Now Im encouraged, to try this.

Neonridr1879d ago

Ice Breaker is nice because you never need to worry about ammo again. But it's respawn rate for bullets once you use all 6 is nothing to write home about.

I had a fully upgrdaded Queen's Rifle (Supremacy) that is fantastic. Once I finally get my Ice Breaker up in terms of damage upgrades I will be much happier with it. But right now it does nowhere near as much damage as my other one.

I always carry that one around still just in case I need the extra damage boost.

Booyah1878d ago

What about Praedyth's Revenge ? Is it good ? I didn't buy Ice breaker 'cause I got that sniper in the raid.

Neonridr1878d ago

I have no clue how good Praedyth's Revenge is, sorry.

Don't have it, so I can't comment. But if you got a sniper rifle in the raid, then you can be sure it's going to be pretty darn good too.

buttclown1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

The Ice Breaker is great in any of the pve content. I can't stand it when it comes to pvp though. I was happy when they started selling it for strange coins, I got lucky and found mine, because I knew that everyone would be able to deal more damage in the strikes/raid.

Edit: Didn't see the other comments, I have the raid sniper and the best perk of it is the precision kill causes an explosion. The other is that it deals more damage to oracles in the raid. Still like the ice breaker more right now

Rhaigun1878d ago

Praedyths Revenge is basically a reskinned Final Boss sniper with added Oracle damage. Its Not a bad sniper. It doesn't have the same punch as Icebreaker though. Also, the spontaneous combustion perk is just awesome.

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JeffGUNZ1878d ago

I was going to buy my first exotic from Xur this past weekend and the hunter piece was the chest armor. Which looked like lite-brite. I'll wait another week lol.

metalmatters1878d ago

an exotic auto rifle is what Ive been hunting for argh!! lol