Opinion-Bytes: Sony's Driveflub

PS+ and Driveclub are tied together, at least on the PS4. When Sony slid multiplayer behind the subscription pay wall, they leveraged the PS+ edition of Driveclub as another incentive. Unfortunately, many promises have been made and broken since the summer of 2013, and there are numerous parties that deserve to shoulder the blame.

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Death1878d ago

That sums it up pretty well.

Volkama1878d ago

They definitely did something right with Driveclub though. They have a brand new IP that people can't stop talking about.

Maybe it's not positive press, but still better than having the media spotlight focused on Horizon 2.

spence524901878d ago

I see what your getting at but this is ultimately bad for Drive Club, and is going to just push more people towards FH2.

Volkama1878d ago

I'm not saying Sony want the bad press as such. Just that they must have done a good job on the marketing front to get this level of press in the first place.

Bad for Driveclub maybe, but pat on the back for whoever managed to generate such interest in the game.

Death1878d ago

Drive Club started out as a goodwill gesture by Sony when they announced PS+ would be required for online multiplayer on the PS4. You had to pay $50 for the year, but you got a game with a perceived value of $60 so it was a win for customers no matter how you looked at it. The game was delayed for almost a year and in that time frame it was announced that Drive Club PS+ edition was still "free" and was the full game minus a couple tracks and cars. Closer to release it was detailed further as being only 20% of the actual game. Fans still didn't complain which is admirable. When Drive Club finally released it was unplayable online and the Plus version is still MIA with no info in the last 9 days about it's release. What started as a great PR goodwill gesture is becoming more of a joke every day. You really can't mess up a release and PR move up much worse than this. This is not the publicity Sony wants or needs.

LAWSON721878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

"Maybe it's not positive press, but still better than having the media spotlight focused on Horizon 2."

Just Wow
/ facepalm

This site kills me... Lol

It is like, 'thank goodness a so called bad game is stealing the spotlight from a great game', wtf

What's next? If Quantum Break is a masterpiece and The Order is mediocre are you going to feel the same way.

Volkama1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Count the Horizon 2 articles today Lawson. Then count the Driveclub articles.

Horizon 2 is a stunning game, but nobody is talking about it because a very mediocre rival has server problems.

And look around the comments, you won't find that these articles are a barrage of hate. They're full of commentors trying to persuade the world that the game is brilliant.

Of course I'm taking N4G as the sample, which probably is a mistake. But I haven't seen any reference to Horizon 2 elsewhere either.

I'm certainly not thankful for it though, to goodness or anyone/thing else.

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DJStotty1878d ago

Not to cause an uproar but that's why I stuck with Microsoft. All that bs about the game being leaps and bounds graphically better than forza blah blah means nothing when you don't have the infrastructure for the game. I buy consoles for the games and will be getting my fix of halo very soon. And all on dedicated servers.

nX1878d ago

And yet you are here, writing your biography in a Driveclub article that doesn't concern you in any way. Must be hard to write a comment without mentioning Forza or Halo, huh?

the_dark_one1878d ago

muhaahah "writing your biography" now that made me laugh more then it should.
i will give you a funny bubble :D

DJStotty1878d ago

I clicked on Xbox one section and for some reason this is there. I was stating what Sony fans were saying about driveclub being better than forza that is all. I also commented why I went with Microsoft this gen. I am truly sorry if that offended you but in no way did I trash talk Sony. I'm not that low. And a new gears next year 😛

LAWSON721878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Well maybe if it was not tagged for Xbone he would not be here, I swear do people who approve posts just not even try anymore?

mzupeman1878d ago

It's in the Xbox One section as well because the article moves on state that the Driveclub issues has driven a gamer to the competing Forza Hoizon 2, which is a great game for anyone who also owns an Xbox One and needs a driving fix.

uth111878d ago

why bring up the "you lose access to your driveclub upgrade if you cancel PS+" That policy didn't last 24 hours, if it even was the official policy and not a misprint.

I don't understand what people expected the Plus version to be. Sounds like he expected 90% of the content. Why pay for an upgrade then?

mzupeman1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

have to be inclined to think that WAS the official policy. Also, when they came back to respond, they didn't say anything about it being a misprint. It was on the official Playstation blog, after all. What they did come back with, was "If you have #Driveclub PS+ Ed & Upgrade, we'll ensure you keep full game access even if your PS Plus runs out". Considering this whole affair has been 'promise this and deliver something else', I think it probably isn't too far off base from that being another 'pull the wool over their eyes' scenario.

As far as expecting more than the 11 cars and 10 tracks or whatever... that's because it's what Evolution themselves said. They said it was the 'full game' minus a few cars and tracks... How else is that supposed to be interpreted?

uth111878d ago

I doubt it was official policy, because no other game does this. Only the free PS+ games. Once you pay it's yours to keep. I fully expected them to clarify at the time, and they did. They may have meant to say that you lose access to the free version.

One of the problems in the videogame industry is stuff gets announced WYA too far in advance. Anything can change between the announcement and actual launch, and usually does. And then everybody gets their panties in a bunch because things changed from what was announced 1.5, 2, or 3 years prior. But it's almost inevitable it will change. I wish they'd (all companies) kept things under wraps until at least 6 months prior to launch. Then they can give a realistic idea of what they will be delivering. There'd be less off the charts hyped expectations and less disappointment

oneluckybullet1878d ago

the same reason everyone keeps bringing up the xbox one reveal and all the issues with that. no one cares they changed the path they where going down and are doing a great job trying to fix the broken image they have/had.

Im not saying ms is better than sony, its just sad when one company lies, moneyhats, ect. just as much as the other but nothing is said. in fact ppl come to their defense. At the end of the day is all about the money. these companies really dont care about you, just whats in your wallet

tlougotg1878d ago

Been playing my Drive Club every single night until the early morning and waking up tired for work, %uck you DC with your addictive gameplay, great handling and beautiful graphics! I hate you %&tch!!!

If you cant tell, yeah i really enjoy DC its great!!!

OldDude1878d ago

Do you guys get paid by Sony to write this stuff? It seems like you are all trying way too hard to convince everyone else its so amazing.

Silly gameAr1878d ago

Maybe he really enjoys it and has a mind of his own?

Spotie1878d ago

And you and others are trying way too hard to convince others that nobody could possibly be enjoying the game.

Ka7be1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

@OldDude and Spotie
Do you guys have anything other stuff to do beside bashing and tolling a game you never played in every single article with 2-4-5 false accounts? Get a life!