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Admiral_Benson4742d ago

Let just hope it's an improvement on Evo '08! No More laggy online please!!!!

newneto4742d ago

Let's see the result. EA has done a great job with FIFA08 and Euro08.

Strife Lives4742d ago

I play everyday! Soccer is really important to me,so especially during the euro08,fifa08 is in my 360 everyday. But. . .pro evo. .after fifa08. . .this still makes me think fifa08 is better.and 250 improvements in fifa09, . . .fifa09 for me this year . . . .

mariusmal4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

i just hope they do a proper game this time. pes08 was a disaster, didnt even had equipment selector and the tactics options were scarce compared to previous titles. pes08 was a rushed product.

and fifa ? come on, you cant be and hardcore football fan if you like fifa lol. i dont even need to explain

season0074742d ago

it just was better in the sense that it was more completed and the older various options in different aspects still stays there

Hopefully this PES 2009 will fix all the issues along with the online (it can't be that hard, it even had the arcade version of PES in japan with online available...)

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The story is too old to be commented.