Mixed Messages About Resident Evil 7

JBG News returns to the question of whether Resident Evil 7 will be survival horror or action horror, as the producer of Revelations 2 gives contradictory statements about Capcom's plans for the series' numbered titles.

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DarkOcelet1886d ago

They seriously need to consider their options again and look at The Evil Within and learn from Mikami . I cant believe he is not in Capcom any more .

gantarat1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

i don't want spoil but The Evil Within not pure survivor-horror 100 % (great game)

DeadlyOreo1885d ago

Resident Evil will stay as it is unfortunately. However, I'm having a great time with The Evil Within, so I couldn't care less for Resident Evil.

UltraNova1885d ago


I dont give a shit about sums it up...

Kurylo3d1885d ago

Resident evil pretty much stopped being resident evil when split second growth to sky scraper sized monsters started... Without eating or having any explanation where any extra mass or protein came from lol

CoryHG1885d ago

Crapcom already said revelations is survival and ongoing, so this will be RE6 all over again, if not worse. Probably FPS. I'd still play Survivor over 6 or 7 anyday.

die_fiend1885d ago

Oh I forgot that RE6 was the bad one. After 5 I think I blacked out.

colonel1791885d ago

I remember that. They want to turn RE into an action franchise. Don't even know what they were smoking when they made that decision.

it's a shame that everyone wants to be like COD. It's the lowest possible bar ever.

chrissx1885d ago

This series is a sinking ship and so is capcom. The RE remake is prolly be the best RE any fan can get in recent times

Agent_hitman1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Capcom is trying hard to make action based zombie game like RE just to compete with COD.. It's true, I remember they stated it back in 2012 when RE6 was gaining a lot of hype.. So therefore, you guys shouldn't be surprised if RE7 will have military war, action and whatnot, instead of horror genre.

gantarat1885d ago

after umbrella downfall T-virus and Many B.O.W.s go to black market

Nerdmaster1885d ago

Since they put co-op in Revelations 2, Capcom already showed that they don't know what gamers want and RE7 will be terrible.

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The story is too old to be commented.