Nintendo Needs To Resurrect Older Series ASAP

Every time Nintendo releases a new Super Smash Bros., it’ll consume KC's life for more than a couple of weeks. During the time it takes for his hands to recover after playing 6-hour sessions, the question always crosses my mind as to why Nintendo has abandoned some of their franchises like an unwanted dog (he thought his master was taking him out for a game of fetch…). Super Smash Bros. is a huge hit, so it’s inevitable there’s an extended interest for some of these characters and series.

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Buff10441887d ago

Earthbound is a beloved game but I don't see it selling many consoles. A Pokemon MMO might, though.

Sly-Lupin1887d ago

I really, really, really doubt it. The main reason Pokemon games are successful is that they are really, really, really accessible. The games are sufficiently simple and straightforward enough that little kids can play them all the way through with little effort, but with enough hidden complexity to still appeal to older gamers.

And no matter what the online community may think, the main demo for Pokemon is and always will be little kids--the same little kids who feul the massive Pokemon franchise buy buying cards, toys, anime, etc. And that's not a demographic that has the disposable income to sustain an MMO subscription, nor is it a demographic that Nintendo will (ever) want interacting in a typical MMO environment.

That said, if anyone could make F2P MMOs work really well, even WITH the expected "restriction" of Mii-verse level censorship (though I actually think that would do more to help than harm) it would be Nintendo.

guitarded771887d ago

Oh god... could you imagine how heavy handed Nintendo would be in censoring an MMO? They won't even let gamers share their usernames directly through Miiverse. I get it, Nintendo has to remain kid friendly (accessible), but they should do that through console settings and not policing Miiverse so heavily.

On Topic: People have been asking for reviving old IPs for a while now. I guess they doing something by bringing Kid Ic to 3DS and the new Star Fox in the works for Wii U, so at least there is something going on. All I know is I'm ready for my Zelda gameplay, and a Metroid U announcement. A new console Kid Ic could be awesome though.

pcz1887d ago

i dont see what the obsession is with people and sequels. it doesnt give rise to originality... all it does is breed over familiarity.

i would like to see nintendo produce new ips. i would like nintendo to stop hopping on the sequel bandwagon that has the entire entertainment industry in a choke hold. i mean, if studios dont take risks with new ideas, you will ultimately end up with the same games year in year out but with a new lick of paint.

what will happen eventually is the industry will crash, because people will become bored and the market will be over saturated with games that are identical.

marloc_x1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Splatoon looks solid.

There is also a massive demographic of young people that have never experienced Nintendo's old stuff,(those that play the re-hash card are getting older and older),

and that being said, the ips have been mixed up in games that are fairly unique in most every different game.

An iteration once per gen sure beats spamming every

pcz1886d ago


''There is also a massive demographic of young people that have never experienced Nintendo's old stuff,'

just imagine if the film industry had the same attitude as the games industry. yes there is always a new generation, but that doesnt mean you have to keep remaking the same film every few years. how many times have the all time classic films been remade? maybe once or twice. and we are talking since film began!

with gaming its now a once every generation occurrence. the industry isnt producing anything new, its merely relaunching the same games as it did last gen. and if its not remakes, its sequels. i'd say 80percent of all major games right now in the games industry are sequels. its not healthy.

nintendo are not the only offenders, but since we are talking about 'the need to resurrect older series' then i will talk about nintendo. with nintendo in particular you have the games they will remake without fail each gen- mario, zelda etc yes there are fans of these games, and nintendo can bank on these games as safe bets due to their popularity, but what about our experience?

i want to play new games featuring new characters, new stories in new universes. as much as i like mario and zelda, i have followed them to almost all the possible locations they can travel within their universes. i have heard all the stories their worlds have to tell. i would like something... new.

splatoon isnt doing it for me, to me splatoon doesnt seem like a wholehearted attempt at something new. more of an experiment.

imagine if nintendo launched a new ip bigger than zelda... with characters, worlds etc more rich than zelda... that is exciting!

as long as we keep begging nintendo to resurrect old games, and insist on a games industry build around cloning and paying homage , that will never happen.

marloc_x1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Valid points. The sad thing is, any new ip will be an experiment as to return on the dollar.
It seems Nintendo has been able to look past that concerning collaborations with Platinum and Valhalla Studios and at the same time breaking some trends.

Some gruesome fun encouraged by Nintendo themselves :)

p.s. - a morloc is an ugly sob from an H.G. Wells novel, HaHa!

eworthington01887d ago

As much as I would love an 3D, HD remix of the mother trilogy on wii u, it would do much better on a 3ds.
But I dont see Nintendo touchin that for a while if ever.

Sly-Lupin1887d ago

Personally, I'd rather see new games and new IPs.

Ideally, I'd like to see Nintendo either make its own or purchase the rights to Dragon Quest. That kind of timeless, classic RPG is the one big thing Nintendo's catalog is missing.

deafdani1887d ago

Well, Nintendo already has Xenoblade Chronicles and the upcoming Xeno Chronicles X. There's that.

The first one was a superb JRPG, and my favorite game of the last generation. Because of this, Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U is my most anticipated title of 2015. Yes, even more than Zelda.

brando678543211887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

splatoon? you know, the one with squids shooting colored ink?

Sly-Lupin1887d ago

@Deafdani: Xenoblade and Dragon Quest are both RPGs, but it's a very broad genre. The hole that I think needs to be filled is the "open-world fantasy RPG" where you create your own character instead of play a pre-defined role. Who knows: maybe this is what they'll end up turning Zelda into.

@brando: What are you trying to say, exactly? What does Splatoon have to do with anything?

brando678543211887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

"Personally, I'd rather see new games and new IPs." You asked for new IP's and THAT is a new ip.

N4g_null1887d ago

Yeah this is the gen to flood new ip. The dev teams are combined. There are other teams like the splatoon team.

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KillerResistance1887d ago


crusf1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Tokyo Crash Mobs
Dillon's Rolling Western
Ketzal's Corridors
Sakura Samurai
Nintendo Land
SiNG Party
The Wonderful 101
Steel Diver
Snowpack Park
Eco Shooter
The Last Story
Pandora's Tower
Wii Party
Bonsai Barber
Rock N' Roll Climber
Pop-Up Pursuit
You, Me, and the Cubes
Not enough for you?
Stop complaining about lack of IP's they exist.

InTheZoneAC1887d ago

you just mentioned only 1% of the shovelware games nintendo has available..

KillerResistance1887d ago

now name all the series that actually became a HUGE hit and is Triple AAA title

crusf1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

@ to the two above
You complained about wanting new IP's I gave em to ya.
Also "The Last Story" shovelware srslylol

KillerResistance1887d ago

most of those are like indies and r u sure all of them were made FROM nintendo? I meant titles made from Nintendo like Mario, Zelda, Metroid.

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deafdani1887d ago

If you only look at a game if it's "a HUGE hit and is Triple AAA title", then you're missing out on too many damn good games.

Out of the list that crusf put above, I can personally say that Wonderful 101 and Xenoblade Chronicles are spectacular games with nothing to envy to any big budget western release.

A basic Xenoblade Chronicles playthrough will run you at least 70 hours, and that is if you ignore its sidequests.

Wonderful 101 is Platinum Games' most expensive and longest game to date (a hack n' slash game that logs in at about 25-30 hours is INSANELY long, not to mention that it's a lot of pure fun).

Regarding the rest of the list, some of these games are pretty good, even if they are smaller titles.

Expand your horizons, man.

Geekman1887d ago

Not to mention the internet trashes every triple AAA game after release and nothing will convince them that it doesn't suck.

Scissorman821887d ago

Startropics. For all that is good and just in this world: Startropics.

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