The Evil Within: PC vs PS4 vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison

Watch a new graphics comparison between the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of The Evil Within.

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ATi_Elite1877d ago

Was the pc version running on ultra at 4k or at least 1440p? If not then the comparison is bogus.

DLConspiracy1877d ago

More importantly the game was nerfed on PC down to 30fps with half attempts at pre game load mods on steam to open it up to 60fps as well. I can tell you from personal experience that I am not happy with my purchase thus far as its been a buggy experience at best.

Constant lag and frame drops on a completely console optimized game and a perfectly capable PC rig. In fact my rig should blow the doors off any co sole and I can't seem to play this game properly. Even after numerous attempts to optimize the settings from loads of people who purchased the PC version. Sad that they would not give the time to make a paying customer happy on this matter. I may be asking for my money back.

2pacalypsenow1877d ago

You act like that's new for PC gaming...

DLConspiracy1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )


Acting like a consumer should? People never care when its PC getting crapped on. Its never OK if its a console though. Its the end of the world when PS4 doesnt get 1080p but if PC gets a non working game. Its just because its PC? Or was that a jab at the PC crowd that you are making? Kind of seems like it. The PC crowd are not pampered like some. You're right about that.

Also, it doesn't always happen to PC gamers. Some devs take pride in their ports.

UltraNova1877d ago


At least some PC games can be modded to kingdom come...something consoles will never have...(yes it rhymes)

lemoncake1877d ago

I am sure this is the third time I have seen this same article.

Geekman1877d ago

I can kinda see why Ubisoft gave parity now. Don't get me wrong, it in no way justifies it (although I could care less.) but less click bait is nice.

johny51877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

How come this game doesn't look 1080p on consoles? Why does the PC version look so sharp even at the same resolutions? If I didn't know any better, I would have thought they were 900p!

It must be the AA they're using that's blurring the image? Wish they gave the option to turn it off for better performance and a sharper picture.

u got owned1877d ago

it doesn't look 1080p on console because it runs at 1920x768 resolution on PlayStation 4 and a meagre 1600x640 on Xbox One.

LamerTamer1877d ago

What garbage. Low resolution, choppy. Pass on this one too...

mysteryraz111877d ago

thats terrible optimization there are better looking ps4 games running at 1080p, lazy devs

marlinfan101877d ago

does resolution really matter that much? just enjoy the game...

FalloutWanderer20771876d ago

My guess would be that the console versions are using FXAA. A fast, low-cost hit on performance AA at the expense of softer textures/image. It's one of those love it or hate it type of AA solutions. It does a good job eliminating jaggies but tends to soften fidelity. (That is of course if that is what the console versions use)

I have TEW on PC and it defaults with FXAA, however, the PC ver. additionally offers SMAA and MLAA.

Dramacydal1877d ago

When did graphics matter to the point that, we need 3 platform comparisons to show minimal differences? WTF has happened to gaming!?

cyclindk1877d ago

Playing now on PS4... totally think this was doable on PS3 and 360...

Pikminmaniac1876d ago

I'm planning on getting this for ps4. Are visuals that blurry as they say or not. Since it's a horror game, I don't really want to be scared by blurred, jagged edge creatures.

cyclindk1876d ago

Pretty blurry in my opinion... RE4, not even close to RE5.

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