10 Weird Games You Won't Believe Exist

WC: This list takes a look at some of the weirdest games ever to be released, featuring gameplay and narrative unlike anything else out there. From bizarre simulators that require insane peripherals to shoot ‘em ups with ridiculously inappropriate enemies, you simply won’t believe that some of these entries could possibly have ever existed.

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NukaCola1879d ago

Top 10 worst sites ever:
1. whatculture

OT: I beleive all these games exist, because they do. Now can we please stop posting this websites crap here?

jambola1879d ago

Iv'e gotten to a point where i can tell it's an article by whatculture just by the title, i do't even need to look at the source or anything

rextraordinaire1879d ago

Seriously that website needs to shut down. It's the buzzfeed of gaming -> a.k.a. A pretty bad website of hip 20 -somethings that think they know it all, when they only state the obvious.