Even Sega Genesis Games are Getting Expensive Now - These Ones are Rising Fast

It's been relatively easy to collect for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive because game prices have stayed quite low compared to other retro consoles. But the recent retro explosion is even affecting this market now. Here's a list of Genesis/MD games that you may want to grab before they get any more expensive.

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Fntastic29d ago

Chiki Chiki boys is underrated. good game tbh

jamesclark199128d ago

Man I adored that game as a kid.

SavageFlamingo28d ago

Aww man. I forgot about Boogerman. And the McDonald’s game. Me, my sister, and a lot of my cousins put countless hours into that one.

Kurupt28d ago

Chili chiki boys always reminded me of dragon ball for whatever reason

Relientk7727d ago

I have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hyperstone Heist, complete. It's awesome and I've beaten it so many times.