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Alien: Isolation feels like the most obvious combination of elements – you’ve got the Alien franchise itself, a stealth system that is rewarding to learn and yet just as equally punishing to those who won’t and a wide array of items that can be crafted to give players an idea of what it truly means to survive. The story is intriguing and fills in some gaps that we might not have even knew existed between the first and second film. And most importantly, it’s all done with class and unbridled sense of style and presentation.

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Paprika1881d ago

I need to check this game out, kind of under the radar in the wake of destiny, driveclub and forza, but reviewed really well.

Remy_Chaos1880d ago

Same here, except swap Forza for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax for me (don't have an XB1 so yeah.) I gotta rent the movies too so I won't be totally lost.

sk8ofmnd1880d ago

I really liked it. I dont understand all the negative scores. Was it aggravating at times? Yes. Did the graphics/sound (ps4) take a hit every once in a while? Yes. Was the story great? Yes. Was the controls/gameplay great? Yes and yes. If this sounds good to you and the fact its prolly the best aliens game EVAR. Than its def worth a look. My score would range between 8.0 and 8.5. If the graphics and sound didnt take a hit every once in a while it would be between 8.5 and 9.0

2cents1880d ago

I really want to get this game but I am well and truly broke...

That goddamn Limited Edition Master Chief Collection has put a big dent in my Christmas game buying power. Just got FH2 and Shadow of Mordor, also Sunset OD and Assasins Creed Unity on Pre-Order. Im just going to have to wait for this one till I can replenish my game budget.

The atmosphere of this game is so strong and the fact that the xenomorph is indestructible just makes this experience al the more terrifying.

I want I want I want!!!