The Taekwondo Game looks like the best TKD game ever! | AppSpy hands-on

The Taekwondo Game might be the first title that finally gets fighting controls and character movement totally right on iOS, and is rapidly becoming AppSpy's most anticipated game on iOS this year.

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CorndogBurglar1881d ago

Has there ever been a Taekwondo game before? I remember the event Taekwondo in Track and Field back on original Nintendo, or whatever game that was.

But an actual Taekwondo game? Nope. Never heard of one.

Although Kung Fu on original Nintendo was awesome too.

Krimmson1881d ago

Taekwon-Do on SNES. Was only released in Japan and I think (assume) Korea. The game is actually pretty fun but it's more reminiscent of full-contact Karate like Kyokushin Karate than sport Taekwondo.