Interview: Autelia Discusses Human Orbit and Why It Went With AI Overlords | TGH

Vaughn Highfield writes on TheGamersHub:
"At Eurogamer Expo we we shown an incredibly intriguing game from the indie studio Autelia. Comprised of former EA, Media Molecule and Eidos Montreal developers, Human Orbit certainly has the pedigree that such an ambitious project could do with to realise its potential.

"That's because Human Orbit, it's a God game with a big difference: you play as an artificial intelligence. That might not sound all that different, but imagine the fact that this is a reality that could one day become possible thanks to the work of people like Deep Mind.

"So, the general crux of Human Orbit is that what powers of both physical and emotional manipulation could a fully sentient AI have if it had access to the lives of a society? Set in a remote space station, the inhabitants lives are in your hands.

"I'll go into more detail about Human Orbit in our upcoming preview, but in the meantime I sat down with - or more accurately sent some emails across to...

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