Interview: Human Orbit won’t let the God Game remain (space) stationary.

Continue Play's Dale Morgan sits down for an in-depth chat with Autelia Ltd - a new studio working on Human Orbit, a procedurally-generated God-game sandbox with a twist.

Casting players as an AI trapped inside the confines of a droid the size of a grapefruit, in Human Orbit you're forced to enact your will by issuing orders to station systems and intercepting emails rather than waving a magic wand. You're given the freedom to decide for yourself what fate befalls your surroundings. IF you can get the crew to act like you want them to.

Autelia is seeking to break new ground and encourage the industry to make advances in AI. Using personality models used by actual Psychological professionals to craft its NPCs, an open-ended design, and forcing players to manipulate their environment by setting up chains of events rather than interacting directly, Human Orbit looks like it could be the kick up the backside the game industry needs to take AI seriously.

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