The Next-Gen Graphics Of DriveClub’s First-Person Crashes

NowGamer: "There might be a lot of problems surrounding DriveClub - mostly server issues stopping people from playing - but it's nice to step back and remember some of the good things, such as DriveClub's graphics."

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amiga-man1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

This game has come in for some criticism some justified plenty not, the server issue has been the major problem but that is working for me now (UK at least)

The graphics are amazing and some of the racing can get quite competitive even in single player, the quick go I have had at Multiplayer was frenetic but fun, can't wait for the weather and other upgrades.

As for the crashes my mate was playing it today managed to clip the kerb at speed and launched himself spectacularly LOL, impressive though

amiga-man1879d ago

I need to add was working for me, I just tried it again and the online is no longer available.

Oh well at least I got a chance to try it lol

Clunkyd1879d ago

I think we can all agree that DriveClub is the best looking racer out right now. The amount of detail in these car models is just mind blowing.

nX1879d ago

It's also the most fun racer in terms of actual racing, the servers worked 2 hours for me and Driceclub is my GOTY now :D

Dewitt1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

@Blood Definitely subjective, the majority seems to disagree with you, myself included.

Clunkyd1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

There's no other racer that can compete with the visuals of DriveClub. It's basically a fact. People who deny that obviously hasn't seen the gameplay in person.

Volkama1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Oh stop it Abri... wait a minute, this is someone else!

On-topic, note how he leaves the road a few times and even totally rolls the car without incurring a single 3 second penalty. They're not as frequent as is often implied.

IRetrouk1877d ago

It all depends on how hard you hit the other cars or trackside, they are actually really fair, if you play the game properly you shouldnt have a problem with the penalties, as for the 3 sec thing, by the time you are back on the track you barely even notice.

_FantasmA_1879d ago

I'm barely on my fourth or fifth race and I'm already struggling. Though the game may be lacking in content, the racing and handling is good, and the presentation is top rank status. The cars are very sexy, now we just need Japanese and Lamborghini and maybe some Geo, just kidding.

Volkama1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

The presentation isn't a strength at all. It is about 12 years out of date.

Referring to things like menus, link-ups between races and such here rather than the graphics or gameplay itself. Sterile panel menus, some panning scenery shots between races, that's about yer lot as presentation goes.

Visual effects like the shaky-cam and such are used well, if that's what you mean?

Pman901879d ago

I'm sounding stupid but how can menus etc be out of date i like the menus there simple not confusing..

i mean its a menu for a game what more do you want its not ugly and its simple what more do you want?

Volkama1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Best Playstation example I can give you off the top of my head is Little Big Planet. The first Little Big Planet had exceptionally good presentation (I haven't played the second). Stephen Fry talking through the options, sackboy doing his thing, and a tonne of visual class just oozing from everything.

I'll get acid thrown at me for mentioning it here, but the Forza games have good presentation. Horizon isn't really comparible because the format is so different, but Forza 5 with Jeremy Clarkson narrating and giving details on the cars and locations is a big step up from Driveclub.

It might sound trivial, but honestly I think when all these reviews refer to the game as soulless and lacking identity, that's not about the driving. That's about the menus.

Pman901879d ago

Aaahhh i get what you mean you wanted something innovative and different i can understand that

uth111879d ago

It focuses on doing what it does well. The dynamic environment, track design, attention to detail in the cars. Outside of that core stuff it is pretty no-frills/not many gimmicks, etc. For better or worse

Volkama1879d ago

Not necessarily innovative. It is hard to innovate something like a menu, and I'm not sure it's a particularly good idea to make things different just for the sake of being "new and innovative".

I just don't see the presentation as a strength of the game.

dontbhatin1879d ago

@ Volkama

Ok so from what you have been using as examples means you like old british men talking to you through A television screen. I get it ;)

Volkama1879d ago

@dontbhatin exactly! Is that so much to ask?

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WeAreLegion1879d ago

You may need to practice on time trials for awhile. Learn how to use that handbrake, as well.

kaozgamer1879d ago

sooo...dont drive audi r8s?

uth111879d ago

lmao! you stole my comment :)

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The story is too old to be commented.