Seriously, This Needs A Sequel (Vol. 1)

UM writes: Sometimes it’s terrible to love, especially in the wide world of electronic entertainment.

It’s rare to find a game that doesn’t, at some point in the future, have a 2 (or 3 or 64) slapped after its name. Venerated titles celebrated for their artistry and innovation even fall victim to industry sequelization (Portal 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Bioshock 2 just to name…just so few) and more often than not, if you loved it once, you can have seconds.

But there are those childless titles that stand apart with one game to their name and no one to inherit the digital throne. For whatever reason, the video games I’ll be highlighting today have yet to be given an extra life. And before you scroll down, Chrono Trigger ain’t on here. Let’s just leave that (flawless) one be. Please? Thanks.

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supermintendo1883d ago

I loved Pokemon Snap! Such a good kick back and enjoy kind of game. I would love to see it or a new one on the 3DS. Also Four Sword Adventures was such a good game, maybe one of my favorites. Just too cute for words. Good list! I would add Mischief Makers and Claymates, that little cat was just so cute.