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GR - Some forces in the universe can’t help but clash, what with opposites attracting, causality, and any number of unentertaining laws of physics, space, and time, so it’s no surprise when Platinum Games thrusts heroine Bayonetta back into a war with the forces of light. Originally debuting on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Bayonetta promised everything action gaming aficionados wanted in a spiritual successor to the likes of Devil May Cry and to its credit the game actually delivered. Despite the awkward stripper-pole dancing and a costume made out of her own hair, Bayonetta kicks a ton of ass in heels you couldn’t get Master Chief or male Commander Shepard to wear. I’d say she carries a lot more weight on her chest too.

What proved surprising was Nintendo’s close relationship with Platinum Games and the ensuing exclusivity of Bayonetta 2 on Wii U, with new copies of the game offering digital downloads of the original title ported to the console. I wouldn’t normally associate the company with a product like this, though having played the first game several years ago I think Bayonetta 2 does a better job of creating humor out of such conflicting material. Where the original game attempted to capture a sense of motherhood in a war between light and dark, Bayonetta 2 goes above and beyond the call of duty to tie loose ends, add to gameplay, and wink at fans.

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acharlez3337d ago

I love a good Platinum action game, so I'll give it a go.

knifefight3337d ago

I hope this does well for Platinum and Nintendo.

wonderfulmonkeyman3337d ago

As a fan of the original, who got a PS3 last gen specifically for great games like Bayonetta, I'm sincerely glad that the sequel didn't die after everyone aside from Nintendo said no to funding it.

It's at the top of my list for this month.

DonFreezer3337d ago

Why do I have a feeling that if this was on PS4 it would get better scores from some sites?I mean feels last gen at times is a stupid remark.It's like commenting on a 3DS game and calling it last gen compared to a PS4 title. All this does is lower the metacritic score of a stellar Nintendo game.


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MadLad356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

Yet the Switch is much more powerful than the Wii U - the platform the second game released on. So you're just being negative to be negative with that comment.

anast356d ago

The voice acting wasn't as good...

jBlakeeper356d ago

Bayonetta herself doesn’t even look as good design wise.

-Foxtrot355d ago

I thought they focused on big kaiju like fights which felt gimmicky and thy brought this new character in to try and get away from the leading star


I mean they pretty much killed 3 big characters. They killed Jeanne, Luka and Bayonetta herself and it's not the fact they died it's how they died, we've seen Jeanne and Bayonetta survive countless things yet they go out by the lamest ways possible.


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