Five Games Never Released In North America That Would Be Easy To Port

"With the release of Vib-Ribbon recently, it reminded me there are a lot of games that never made their way to North America that could benefit from a digital release today. Vib-Ribbon may never have released in North America, but it did release in Europe, meaning it did go through the rigors of translation. After going through the trouble of releasing an English version of the game, why not release the game digitally for North America players? These are a few more games that should see release in North America with the advent of digital distribution that have already been translated making the process of releasing them that much simpler."

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3-4-52611d ago

5 games!?

5 games!? ???


Should be 500..

Ravenheartzero2611d ago

Still waiting for the legend of dragoon to release on UK psn! Annoying

user56695102611d ago

i live in a cardboard box none of these games got released where i live.