GameSpot's Most Anticipated Games of E3 08

Get ready for one of the game industry's biggest events of the year: the annual E3 Media & Business Summit, better known simply as E3, which takes place this year in Los Angeles from July 15-17. The three days of the expo won't be the only days in which you can expect to see new games and announcements; this year, as with other years, several major game companies will be making big news before the show at their press conferences.

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MK_Red5817d ago

It's really sad that Activision, id and few others aren't at E3.

The list is nice enough but the strangest thing about is the lack of EA's best games:
Dead Space, Mirror's Edge and Mercs 2.

pharmd5817d ago

yeah... mirrors edge will be huge i dont see the point in missing out on that

MK_Red5817d ago

IMO, they should have removed Madden and Saints Row 2 and replace them with Mirror's Edge and Dead Space.

pharmd5817d ago

good call.... why have madden there at all? they claim changes but they they claim that every year and they know it will still sell.... they should take this opportunity to showcase some new IPs and fresh faces... promote these games... give us something interesting to show that they do care about the hardcore gamer

MK_Red5816d ago

Again true.
In gerenal, I hate all of EA's yearly sports games. The only title I'm looking forward to from that group is the Skate 2.

Chris Bosh5816d ago

They put TOMB RAIDER on the list.
Everygame of that has failed.

Baba19065816d ago

the last two tomb raiders were really great in my opinion. love it.

RevN8r5816d ago (Edited 5816d ago )

This isn't a bad list, but where's God of War 3, Gears of War 2, Killzone 2, Fallout 3, Little Big Planet, Prince of Persia?

Coffin875816d ago

lol, they're on page 2 ;D

anyway, i have to agree, putting DEAD SPACE and MIRROR'S EDGE not in the E3 program equals a sin!!

RevN8r5815d ago

They're there now, but when I read the article, there was only one page, no worries, though.

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ape0075817d ago

can't wait to see
resident evil 5
gears of war 2
and killzone2

also I hope they show midnight club:los angles.

ShAkKa5817d ago

i would love to see a new donkey kong country.

MK_Red5817d ago

Well, my list would be:

1. Fallout 3
2. MK vs DC (I know it's sucks but still, I'm a MK fan and really want to see HD Scorpion)
3. Splatterhouse
4. Bayonetta
5. DarkSiders
6. Mirror's Edge
7. Alpha Protocol
8. Killzone 2
9. POP4
10. MotorStorm 2

Plus Mad World and Banjoo 3.
Hopefully games like God of War 3 and Deus Ex 3 show up as well.

KBDuB5816d ago

3. Splatterhouse
4. Bayonetta
5. DarkSiders
7. Alpha Protocol

I haven't heard of any of those.. =/ heh

KBDuB5816d ago

Thanks. =)

Man, with all of the fanboy flame articles it's hard to actually hear about games. I didn't see ANY of those articles you posted.

Coffin875816d ago

thanks!!! bayonetta looks pretty darn awesome!!

agreed. never heard of those games before.

but i'm really glad i more or less acidentially found the mirror's edge trailer. maaan this game will kick serious ass!!

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kosha5817d ago (Edited 5817d ago )

My list would be

1.Heavy rain
2.Motorstorm 2
3.Ico project
5.Fallout 3
6.The new cod
8.Mirrors edge
9.Loco roco 2
10.New Ips

Armyless5817d ago

The more I think about it, the more I realize there's a LOT to look forward to.