Battlefield: Bad Company trailers copy Gears of War, Rainbow Six, SOCOM

Electronic Arts just released a couple of brand-spankin' new trailers for its highly anticipated first-person shooter, Battlefield: Bad Company. Why does this matter? Oh, maybe 'cause the ads blatantly copy from competing games. They're also pretty funny.

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Grassroots5576d ago

haha, these are some funny videos imo, the game is looking like a solid good time. Probably picking this up Tuesday.

Hydrolex5576d ago

AWESOME EA ! At least you didn't mess up this one

InMyOpinion5576d ago

It's developed by Digital Illusions(DICE), not EA.

C_SoL5576d ago (Edited 5576d ago )


....In Reality they would be dead by now......

cRaZyLeGs 935576d ago

This guy just owned himself.... He should have said socom>bfc

kosha5575d ago

lol i think you got a bit mixed up there unrivaled.

Ive been playing the demo of this and i cant stop playing the multiplayer its great fun

kevin11225575d ago

well, if he means socom is better than bf than it is socom<bf.

JWork08255575d ago

Kevin... please realize what you are typing before you type it.

kevin11225574d ago

did < catch on another meaning. when you use it in math < represents greater than and > less than.

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