Could Spore Fail?

First of all - what type of game is it? The graphics everyone is seeing would make everyone believe it's a kids game or a casual Wii title - but it also is a life sim game, a strategy title in the later stages, a complex civilization building saga! Or... is it not? Just how much "casual" and how much "hardcore" are there in Spore?

How long will each of the five stages last? Minutes? Hours? Days? Everyone knows that the cell stage is basically a minigame and it would be natural for it to last a few minutes but what about the others? Will the creature stage keep us glued to the chairs for a few days or we'll spend six hours creating a perfect creature and 30 minutes playing with it? Answering these questions would tell exactly what market segment Maxis is targeting - the casual players or the hardcore ones - and, even more, it would tell how long the game will live: it's obvious that Spore will sell big time, but just how long will the hype last?

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fishd4750d ago

After those penis creature and the game's potential!!! it's a multi milion seller!!!

Mc Fadge4750d ago

But I wish it was a TAD more complex, so I could choose from a series of walking styles and such. So like, it would generate 3 different kinds of walks, and I could choose which one I wanted. Same for attacks, mood expressions, etc, etc.

sumfood4u4750d ago

So Abstract i'm speechless.................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ..........

MK_Red4750d ago

I just pray that it sells. I know that critically this game is gonna be well recieved (Rightfully so). The creator editor is pretty easy to use yet insanely flexible. I'm still shocked by how such a easy editor is so much powerful...

And has anyone seen the Pikachu, Master Chief, F**K monster and 360 / PS3 controllers? This is just a demo of a little in-game editor! There will be building and other editors and that's just a little part of Spore.
Definitly a GOTY candidate for me.

qface644749d ago

well when it comes to making money seems like it will fail because of all the time and money they put into this game i remember reading a article along time ago were ea was saying they are at the point where they aren't expecting to make money of spore

DeadlyFire4749d ago

They will probably follow the pattern they are doing with the Sims. Make 10 expansion packs then bundle them and sell them while a new game comes out. They will make money off of Spore.

neonchez4749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

if spore does become a phenomenon it will make money on expansions like the sims did. i'm sure w/in 6 months of release we will see the first of many expansions to come. think about all the things that could be added to spore, premade creatures, premade buildings, planets, galaxies, new space ships, new weapons, new items to place in your towns to make your creatures happy...the list goes on and on.

i hope a religious nut does complain about spore promoting evolution. just like most religious nuts they will only give spore more publicity than it would have received had they kept their mouths shut, insuring it sells well.

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The story is too old to be commented.