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Eurogamer gave the team at IM PLAYIN a chance to play some fantastic games, as I’m sure you’ve all read. Games such as Far Cry 4, the titles coming out of Team 17, Battlefield Hardline and Advanced Warfare, stuff to really get people to the shops/pre-order sites! The game I was most excited for was Microsoft exclusive Sunset Overdrive. Boy. Now that was fun.

I’ve never played a game that was so colourful. The bright and vibrant feel of this game puts a smile on your face from the word go, and once you’re smiling, there’s no stopping. Fireworks from the Firework gun enhance this feeling even further, with explosions of colours abound leaving you oooh-ing at the screen for ages while you’re suppose to be neck-deep in mutant bodies.

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Clown_Syndr0me2480d ago

Didnt get to play this, but had a half decent few from the CoD queue. God damn it was colourful!

Fishy Fingers2480d ago

This game looks excellent. I'm going to be spending a lot of time at the XB1 owning friends houses once this releases.

The XB1 is looking to have a stellar Q4 line up.

aviator1892480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

@first comment- What are you guys even talking about?

Anyways, only a few more weeks and this game and my new cirrus white xbox one will be mine. XD
I don't imagine this game will receive universal acclaim but it does look insanely fun.

typittt692480d ago

I was being sarcastic on the whole paid thing. People are ridiculous with that stuff.

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thezeldadoth2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

It's sad that the two consoles with the best exclusives are selling the worst. That's what media hype does for you.

alb18992480d ago

Less people are entertain.....that is the result of that.

NeoGamer2322480d ago

It is a sad state of gaming right now.

PS4 I have dubbed the RecycleStation 4... Because its main feature is games from the PC Indie crowd or recycled titles from previous console generations. The few next gen exclusive games have been OK, but not impressive.

XB1 Includes a lot of recycled content from the PC and previous console generations as well. But the next gen content is of higher quality than the PS4. In the end gamers are shunning it simply because it is Microsoft and because of their "missteps" to start the generation.

The Wii U has been out a year longer and its exclusive content is second to none. But, the less than stellar social, online, and game tracking services (achievements/trophies) provided by Nintendo coupled with some serious hardware specification issues (particularly memory and storage) are holding the console back from truly being loved.

Oh well, I have all three... I play XB1 most, Wii U second most (close to XB1 time), and PS4 least (I start it when new exclusives come out and once per month to get the freebie games)...

danny8182480d ago

yup sad state of the world right now. PS4 is selling on hype

WeAreLegion2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Media hype? What media hype? The media has been very positive about the Xbox One and the Wii U for a long time now. Most of 2014, anyway.

Stop making excuses.

That's an opinion, by the way. I enjoy the PS4's exclusives most right now. I still play my Wii U and definitely my PC, but I play PS4 the most.

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