The Failed Launch of the Xbox One in Japan: Not “How?” But “Why?”

AUTOMATON Editor-in-Chief James R. Mountain gives his thoughts on Microsoft's failed Xbox One launch in Japan, complete with sarcasm and doctored photos.

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Benjaminkno3035d ago

Because the Japanese don't shit where they eat.

chikane3035d ago

what does that even mean?

Gazondaily3035d ago

I think Mr. Benjaminko is equating the Xbox One to a toilet. Or a dining room with a toilet built in? Or he's implying that buying an Xbox One is equivalent to taking a poo in the dining room? Or...

I dont know.

Pogmathoin3035d ago

Japanese have never liked Xbox, Do not know why MS waste money there, Japanese developers do not even like Japan either, they aim for the west now, where people like things other than handhelds and sex games.

Benjaminkno3029d ago

It means Japan is a country that industrialized the gaming industry, and buying Xbox is counterproductive because it helps their competitors.

It's not that Xbox is lame.

I don't equate Americans buying Japanese games because without Japan, there would be very little market.

MasterCornholio3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

I'm really lost with what you said.

If you said something like the Japanese dont buy crap then I would understand the meaning.

But what you said has no words for it really.


A toilet in the dining room? I've seen that before in Asia with the jungle tribes of Malaysia.

With a name like Septic you should know a lot about the subject.

"denoting a drainage system incorporating a septic tank."

die_fiend3035d ago

Because like the rest of the world, the Japanese can read.
Unlike the rest of the world, they don't read things like 'massive car crash' and still think to buy it.

Gazondaily3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

There you have it folks. According to our highly knowledgeable and esteemed uni-bubble user, the whole world is incapable of making sound purchasing decisions. On the basis that that I'm not Japanese, I will drink a bottle of bleach.

MRMagoo1233035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )


Maybe you cant read, he says "Because like the rest of the world, the Japanese can read."

You kinda proved the point you thought he was making even tho he wasnt lol

edit: too late for the edit septic I saved it lol bam ;)

I am just kidding around with you tho , but I knew you would edit so I captured it /forgive me

Gazondaily3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

@Mr Magoo

Yeah but he said:

"Unlike the rest of the world, they don't read things like 'massive car crash' and still think to buy it."

Anyway, a stealth edit is in order. BAM!

[Edit]- Haha you sod! You got me.

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mysteryraz113035d ago

should focus on the west or non japanese asian countries, japan for some reason prefers handhelds even the wiiu and ps4 arent selling that well really

TheWackyMan3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

The Japanese have school 6 days out of the week (I think this may have changed though) and long work hours. So they really don't have much time to sit down and play a game on a console. Much easier to bring around a handheld and play it for some short bursts. Plus playing games in public isn't stigmatized like it is in the west.

Mr_Writer853035d ago

Thewackyman making stuff up again.

There is no stigma over playing games in public, mobile gaming says hi.

MRMagoo1233035d ago

In Japan on the trains you see loads of ppl playing 3ds when they get the chance to sit and usually while having lunch too.

Mr_Writer853035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

I don't deny that.

However there is no "stigma" in the west. I don't need public transportation to get to work so don't use it often, but I have no problem busting out my Vita when on a bus or train.

I see plenty of people playing games on their mobiles. And I see the occasional 3DS.

Handheld consoles are not as big in the west.

But to say there is a stigma is utter rubbish.

3035d ago
Kingdomcome2473035d ago

(Fortunately for the writer, who otherwise might have been expected to expand on this, this is almost everyone.) Lol

hello123035d ago

Some people like the x box 1 in Japan, but the majority don't. Time for Microsoft to rethink.

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