SEGA Ports Petition Attracts 12,000

PC gaming never really died, despite a lot of conversation to the contrary. No, it was just that certain publishers forgot that there were a lot of waiting fans interested in playing the latest console release on their PC. That's now changed, with franchises like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy hitting Steam on an almost weekly basis. No doubt spurned on by recent successes, a large group of gamers are campaigning to have SEGA release titles like Valkyria Chronicles on the PC, and they're getting a lot of support.

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yewles11475d ago

Why is it okay to port beg on PC, but console port begging is abolished?

DonkeyDoner1475d ago

because they're master race
they want everything that console have and still bragging about it

DevilOgreFish1475d ago

It's only master race because of the freedom it has. PC is a great place to archive games, with less restrictions placed on it's growth. you can archive consoles too which may or may not outlast 20 years, but either way the collection of boxes takes up a physical space.

With PC the collection of boxes isn't necessary. your purchases is all that really matters (including DLC) which remain yours, unaffected of the change in hardware.

DonkeyDoner1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

if it's bayonetta, vanquish and anarchy reign port to pc then that's fine but valkyrie profile?? really?? that's playstation exclusive probably sony involve for that exclusivity, and also why the hell pc keep begging for playstation exclusive? why cant they even bought $200 or less?why?!because its weak machine??because you hate console?

if its the port valkyrie 1-3 for vita and ps4 then it'll get my vote! but for port??keep begging sega doesnt even listen to localize their yakuza games

BattleAxe1475d ago

Well if console gamers get to enjoy PC ports on a regular basis, why shouldn't it go the other way?

FsterThnFTL1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

PC games never die and slowly keep selling for years and years and years. On consoles most of the games sell for a few months and then fall flat.

caseh1475d ago

In the case of Sega games, they just don't sell at all. A shame really as games like Yakuza and Binary Domain were some of my favourites on PS3.

d3nworth11475d ago

That's bull. Some of the top sellers on psn are ps1 games. People will keep buy as long as the interest is their

plmkoh1475d ago

Yep MGS1, Crash Bandicoot, FF7, Persona 1-3, GTA still rank in top 20 PSN downloads.

1475d ago