No Platinum Trophy In TWD: S2 PS4

The trophy list for The Walking Dead: Season 2 on the PS4 has been revealed and unfortunately there is no platinum trophy. In total there are 40 trophies including 1 Gold, 24 Silver and 15 Bronze. The Walking Dead S2 is expected to arrive on next-gen systems later on this month at both retail and digitally.

A full list of trophies is available below: (WARNING!!! POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!!)

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nick3091472d ago

Game never had plat no surprise

NukaCola1472d ago

Season 1 has a platinum trophy. I have it. 500 Days didn't though.

Jaqen_Hghar1472d ago

still sucks though. Couldn't be any easier than season 1 so no reason not to

Jaqen_Hghar1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Well guess a man will only get for Ps4 now (was going to get for both and plat both so now dev will get less support). Honestly why not have a plat? Your first game had one and it was impossible to miss so it can't be any easier. The Wolf among us for both then and TWD season 1 PS4. Well that's still 3 platinums to add to a man's collection. A man still supports the dev but this makes zero sense. Hopefully BF gets them both down to $20 or lower.

To be clear a man doesn't base any purchases on trophies. A man was going to wait for the PS4 versions of all the games regardless but was going to get the PS3 version as well before re-selling it just to get the plat for little to no cost (after resale cost was subtracted). A man only bothers to platinum a game if he likes it and never does annoying trophies like Resistance 2 10,000 kills despite that being the only one that he didn't have because if they're not fun why go for em?

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KwietStorm1472d ago

Didn't have it on PS3 either. Don't know why, but yea.

Papafynn1472d ago

Dear Game Developers,

Platinum Trophies sells games. Gamers check trophy Lists before they buy a game. An easy or "Onlineless" trophy list could be the tiebreaker if they can afford only one game. Trust me it does. Doesn't make much sense but's gamers of today. They need to be rewarded. Be it a 100 "Like" on their selfies, 100 "retweets" or 100 other gamers watching them play a game on Twitch.

Give them their Platinum Trophies.

sloth33951472d ago

real gamers don't care about trophies only these fake gamers do. a real gamer plays a game for fun not to get trophies

Theangrybogan1472d ago

But what does a true Scotsman do?

kreate1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

It's always nice to have trophies. Especially the platinum.

Wish starcraft had trophies and be released on ps4 or x1. I'll play it all day everyday.

Ratty1471d ago

You can care a little, not at all or a lot about trophies and it doesn't affect your status as a gamer at all.

Some people enjoy hunting for trophies. You don't. That doesn't make you better than them nor does hunting for trophies make them better than you. So please ;p

CaptainObvious8781472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

There's been many a game I've been on the fence about, about because of their stupid online trophies or lack of platinum trophy I haven't bothered.

Dark_Overlord1472d ago

Same here, I avoid near enough every game with ridiculous online trophies.

levian1471d ago

You guys know a game can be fun regardless of whether it's trophies are difficult to get, right? Just because you can't get them all the way you like to play doesn't mean it's not worthy of purchase.

ginganinja1472d ago

I was under the impression it was Sony that determined whether a game could include a platinum trophy.

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SonyAddict1472d ago

A true scots man tries to get every platinum that he can get and I know..because I am one!.