Crytek Talks Ryse Tech: Consoles vs PC, Textures Resolution, Mantle, VRAM Specs, LOD Solution

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of days ago, we had the pleasure of interviewing Nicolas Schulz, principal rendering engineer at Crytek’s main studio in Frankfurt. Nicolas shared with us some new information about the PC version of Ryse and CRYENGINE itself. In addition, Nicolas shared some of his thoughts regarding current-gen consoles and PCs . Kudos also to Crytek’s Jens as without her this interview wouldn’t be possible. Enjoy!"

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Vegamyster2106d ago

"DSOGaming: The first Crysis game was a title with unbelievable (for its time) visuals and physics."

Even today it's still a visually impressive game, clearing forests with a machine gun or tossing something heavy onto one of the many makeshift buildings shows it collapse in a realistic way. I'd love to see a open world Crysis game that's aimed at future high end PC's like the original with outposts in Far Cry and side objectives that reward you, don't know if we'll see another game though.

Mr Tretton2106d ago

Crysis still has the best physics and vegetation ever. No other companies have even dared to touch that.

GamePeace2106d ago

Please, do not talk Crytek. Begin first to make good games, then the talking. Tech does not matter as gameplay and game mechanics do. I do not state that graphics are not important but there are certain other aspects, which are tremendously more relevant for making a good quality game, dear Crytek.

kingduqc2106d ago

I think you should enlarge your opinion what they have to say... They are the one that build the most advance real time rendering game engine that is used across many titles. Whatever their game is great good or below average does not change the fact that they know much more in rendering then anyone at n4g combined because they are basically the genius in that domain.

"Tech does not matter" It sure does, otherwise you would not have the same games and what you would be playing would have a scale and an immersion level much lesser then they have today.

ABizzel12106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

I actually enjoy these talks, because it better helps show the evolution of technology in games.

Overall this interview confirmed everything I've said and thought about Ryse, and what they did to get it up and running.

"Polygon counts for in-game characters are around 40K for the first LOD and going up to 85K for hero characters."

"Besides the quality of surface materials and character faces in particular, there are also some great advances in realtime simulation."

I knew some character models looked noticeably lower detailed than Marcus (Boudica was one of those characters).

And it seems they put most of the detail into the Character models faces (which is the smart thing to do, to sell the realism, and improvement). So I assume more developers will start doing this to make their character models look better.

The game should run in 1080 and around 40fps on FX 7850.

chuck8262106d ago

Should have brought Rome to PS4 would've better sale numbers

Mr Tretton2106d ago

Really? All I see is PS4 players saying they don't want it anyway.

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